Feb. 8th, 2016 04:01 pm
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So I have watched Sherlock, everything including The Abominable Bride. Saying "watched" seems a bit paltry, because I think fell face-first into fannish enthusiasm for it, especially the whole "consume everything about it" thing. I've been rewatching (as I watched it with other people and we commentated over it) and watching the commentaries and looking at gifs on tumblr and even starting to look for fic. Which, aghgh, it has been so long that I have felt motivated to look for fic - and even longer since there's been a whole bunch of fic there. Sure, I am late to the party, but on the plus side there is tons of fic and thousands of gifs.

There are always people who haven't watched - so, spoilers! I don't really talk about The Abominable Bride and very little of S3 either, though. )
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AAAAAAAAA so that was the finale!

spoilers )

*crosses fingers for season 2*

I'm sure I'll have more thoughts later but it's been a few days and I have spent all day fighting with STATA (protip: rearranging panel data SUCKS when you can't program) and I cannot concentrate even for this. But yeah! What did you guys think?
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So I watched these back to back, which is good because there was a horrible cliffhanger on episode 6. Somehow I managed to forget that this was a world with superheroes and spoilers from here on in )

Oh god I can't wait for the finale. And hoping very very much that it gets renewed. omg yes please sign me up for more of Peggy beating up people and doing secret agenty things.

Also I looked at Hayley Atwell's twitter (it is hilarious) and she has tons of fun pictures, fanart reblogged, etc. I especially liked this one, which she captioned "Agent Carter: The Musical" (don't worry, SFW and adorable):
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(Young Wizards, Shopaholic, and Agent Carter! It's like I've forgotten how to write posts; I haven't done any journalling since at least December either.)

I have just re-read Wizard's Holiday, Wizards at War and The Book of Night with Moon and A Wizard of Mars in the past few days. OMG, side note. I downloaded the books from *mumble* and state of them! WaW had lost every second l in words had double-l's (finally = final y) and WH had like 25 different styles (style="calibre1", style="calibre2", and on and on) which indented like crazy, so every paragraph was differently styled with the margins inching further and further left, and every few paragraphs changing font size. TBONWM was obviously OCR'd and it was stellar compared to the other two, but all the "kitlings" were "killings" which has a rather different effect on the reader.

BUT! Not as important. I remember why I was so fannish about them.

Young Wizards! )

Shopaholic. I put off reading this for many months because I was afraid the new book might wreck my love (look, I care about these things) but it didn't. But you know what Kinsella did? She left it on a cliffhanger! ARGH!

I am the person on meme freaking out about the books, yeah.

Shopaholic To The Stars, thoughts )

And finally, Agent Carter! [ profile] sherrilina I am watching a tv show now!

Agent Peggy Carter - spoilers definitely )

But to wrap this up, I LIKED IT A LOT. I am so pleased and I love it so far.


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