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Today a dead stinkbug fell out of the washing machine as I was unloading it. I definitely screamed and flailed. This has never happened before and I dearly hope NEVER WILL AGAIN

I am telling you all this to spread the pain around and also to let you know to beware of washing machines. But you knew that already.

When you see this post, feel encouraged to post something in your journal. Short or long, trivial or profound, it doesn't matter, just something. And if you like, you can pass on the token by copying this notice at the bottom of your post. (Seen most recnetly on eustacia_vye's journal but also via dhampyresa and wordsofastory).


Oct. 3rd, 2013 09:32 pm
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warning: mealworms & rice. I had to spread the pain. )

I'm sorry to anyone on my flist who I recently friended. I swear my entries are usually much more palatable but I have to tell someone. The whole world.
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Someone posts to fandomsecrets about Disney Specifically, that the song Kiss the Girl isn't sexist.

In this scene Ariel is consenting silently, as she's been rendered mute, but holy cow those lyrics are creepy.

Yes, you want her/ Look at her, you know you do/ possible she wants you, too/ There is one way to ask her/ It don't take a word/ Not a single word/ Go on and kiss the girl

In the context of the WHOLE ENTIRE MOVIE, they're acceptable, as her whole intent is to get Eric to kiss her.

The premise is troubling: girl wants to transform into another species (approximately) altogether, leave behind everything she's known, all her family, makes a deal with what she considers evil, just to win the boy. Courageous, yes. The fact that the boy doesn't do anything, doesn't need to do anything? And she has to give up her whole world to do be with him?

If we lived in a world where we don't have a history of one gender with greater privilege over another (HINT: misogyny is the word) this movie would be fine. The problem is we don't live in that world.

But to those people who are arguing that this has no real life repercussions? (raaaaaage: Sexism does not manifest itself with blatant slurs or outright assault alone. It's obviously more subtle than you can pick up.) The people who don't want to admit that Disney is sexist? (I'll be back; I just need to check to make sure this is the same universe I woke up in. You are so oblivious I can't believe you're serious.)

I have news for you.

One single movie about a woman who has marriage as the culmination of her dreams is fine. A hundred movies saying that is okay. It's not an unreasonable dream, and we are not all the same and do not agree on dreams. But when nearly every Disney movie (qualified because I have not watched them all) does end that way, there is a big problem. Belle, who is a heroine I love (the admiration for Page's voice is helpful) dreams of something bigger, better, and ends up marrying. Cinderella wants to escape her life of drudgery - she marries, and it's all a magic dream; it's nothing she's really done. Snow White is rescued by someone riding by at random; for Sleeping Beauty, ditto. Meg gets married; Mulan gets married. As examples build up, you cannot claim that this is only one girl's dream, and not the silent expectation in society, women and men alike.

I do not believe the Disney producers intended to be sexist. *Intent is magical! But the fact that even The Princess and the Frog, a movie released in 2009, has the girl predictably happily-married only shows that nothing has really changed. The message underneath it all is: for a happy ending, you need to be married.

One Disney movie like this = not a problem. All Disney movies with the subtle implications about how one can live a good life = a very, very big problem, and I am sorry that you cannot see this.

*Thank you also for the side helping of ablism.
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Link to misogyny and ignorance. Click with caution.

I made it halfway down the first page of comments and then gave up.

My reaction, helpfully summarized:
DEAR EVERYONE ON THE PLANET (minus those already armed with The Clues):

1. Words have meaning.

2. Words have two types of meanings: one is a dictionary (or scientific, or otherwise defined meaning). There is a second meaning, connotation. These are associations attached to words.

3. Generally connotations are the most important.

4. Pulling dictionary definitions when people are clearly talking about the connotations is neither helpful nor clever.

5. We are not separate from our history. Even if you think there's no misogyny in your world*, by using words that historically** carry misogynistic intent to describe someone you don't like, you are using the term in a way that is misogynistic. Even if you don't mean it. I'm sorry, this is the legacy we've been handed down with.

6. Live with the awareness that yes, while you wish you could totally throw around "whore" and "bitch" and all the rest without worrying about PC POLICE***, don't.

7. For the last time, the history is why words like "dick" do not garner such reactions. No, really. You're not pointing out anything that has not been brought up before in these conversations.

8. Please for the love of all that is holy stop telling anyone they're overreacting or oversensitive.

9. If you know nothing about this issue, I would advise your library or Google or another person who knows you well and this issue.

10. This applies wonderfully to just about any -ism you can think of; just change some of the words! 


**They still do, by the way.
***Someone forgot to send me the uniform, obviously; I still don't have any weapons for these things...

tl;dr: *puts head on desk and thinks of happy thing*

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I feel like I've stepped in a timewarp or something.

TMI! )

And in my mind all day was the poem (the last lines have a tendency to stick):


Frances Cornford (1886-1960)

I wakened on my hot, hard bed,
Upon the pillow lay my head;
Beneath the pillow I could hear
My little watch was ticking clear.
I thought the throbbing of it went
Like my continual discontent;
I thought it said in every tick:
I am so sick, so sick, so sick;
O death, come quick, come quick, come quick,
Come quick, come quick, come quick, come quick.

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Dear people-who-have-parties-where-I-work:

Please use the small trash cans. I understand that it is so much more convenient to have a HUGE YELLOW BIN where you can chuck everything, but I have to take out your garbage. And when the bag is almost the size of me--seriously, don't fill the whole thing up. Leave some room so that I can, you know, actually TIE THE CORNERS TOGETHER. If you must use the honkiing big bin, then at least don't fill it all the way to the top.

Also, to the person who decided to put a board of plywood or something into the trash can: asdfjkl;!!1! Go home and stick it in your own stupid trash can. Why do you have a plywood board at your party anyway?! I hope the whole bag splits open on you.

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I saw this post come up this morning. I thought: "OK, it's not horribly bad; it looks like the OP, after some comments, could see why this is offensive and maybe it'll be okay!" This is the text of the OP's post, in case it gets taken down.

... )

I gave up trying to read the twisting comments of the OP after awhile. But seeing [ profile] saciel start to pull out the tone argument--again and again and AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN--I...I...I don't know. I remember zie from the last time [ profile] fanficrants went and got into a huge racefail, but seeing so many people--half-a-dozen, at least--try to explain, again and again, PATIENTLY AND CALMLY (Oh my God, the irony) why zie was wrong, it didn't sink in. And so all I can repeat is OW OW OW.

ETA: There's actually quite a nice little summation by [ profile] lil_utterance about why this post's comments are so very faily. Here.
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I dislike Twilight for many reasons, the stalking-is-love not one of the least reasons.


Too many of the reviews focus on sparkling (heaven forbid anything sparkle, it must be too girly) rather than the actual problems in Twilight.

tl;dr. a change from an established trope doesn't mean a book's bad. zomg, people

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Biggest spoilers blacked out; others (including link, and especially 3rd paragraph) are still spoilery. Crossposted from [ profile] bookish .

Nita and Kit are two wizards in Manhattan, but to become a wizard is difficult--every wizard undergoes his or her Ordeal to gain wizardry. One wizard, in particular, has been in his Ordeal for a very long time, causing the local Senior to become worried and send Kit in to investigate. Of course, when something untoward like this happens, it's always likely the Lone Power, the inventor of death, isn't far behind.
Usually, I really, really love these books.They're well-written fantasy, they have interesting and well-rounded characters (Carmela is really starting to grow on me) and I love the way Duane makes them fit into our real-live world--you can almost believe that maybe, just maybe, there are people who are wizards around you.

However. The wizard in question is also autistic, and I had some problems with the way Duane wrote this. She was pretty respectful, in my opinion, but (skip) in the end the wizard ditches his autism. First, this compares good (not autistic) and bad (autistic). [Also, I think she is conflating depression and autism.] I direct you to beccaelizabeth's dreamwidth entry here; this quote especially says what bothered me: I am autistic spectrum; you can't take the autism out and leave a me, so I'm not a me-with-autism, I'm an autistic me. It bothers me that A Wizard Alone is basically, as she paraphrases, (skip) a story about swapping autism with wizardry.   I suppose it's an identity thing--I am not on the autistic spectrum, and I hope no one takes this as me trying to speak for anyone on the spectrum--but I do see how removing parts of you aren't, you know, just casually and easily done.

Otherwise, though the story has definitely taken a darker turn after book 5, A Wizard's Dilemma (not like the first was terribly sunshine-and-daisies, anyway) I otherwise liked the book. 9/10


Jul. 2nd, 2010 07:32 pm
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So I went to the dentist today.

[dramatic pause]

Erm, yes. I now understand other kids' dislike of the dentist (although in this case, it was the hygenicist). She took one of those pointed metal things--sharpandsteelandohmygoditlooksscary--and scraped my teeth. All over. And now this might be TMI, but it was under my teeth, around the gums, and along the insides, where I could feel the metal through my tooth. Urgh.

On the other hand, I now know where my salivary glands enter my mouth, that lingual amylase is fast enough to convert starch to sugar in the mouth (really?) and that I have cavities. Oh, and also? Smiling people are not always trustworthy. I thought my hygenicist was so friendly--!

More dental work in store for the summer. :(

Oh, and also: HAPPY CANADA DAY! I would've posted this earlier (i.e. yesterday, July 1) except my computer is currently not on speaking terms with me and has decided to cut out the internet connection at random.
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Another mind-boggling thing, this link: another absolutely insane senator from Arizona wants to mess with how citizenship is granted. You know--if you're born in America, despite your parents' citizenship, you're American. Link here.

Mind-boggling because of the blatant racism (oh, I WONDER which nationality will be discriminated against here, hm? I am so very glad to be neither Latino nor American, thank God.) and also because I know there will be people up there nodding along with that sick politician, agreeing with everything he says. And thinking that all the "immigrants take our jobs" and "make it hard for our kids to get into university" and all that !@#$%^.



May. 31st, 2010 10:13 pm
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I was talking with friends a few weeks ago, when the conversation turned to insects and bugs (and arachnids, but this is quite unscientific.) They'd lived in Australia, and so had some pretty impressive stories to tell--giant bugs the likes of which are unimaginable by us in the north (the cold weather's good for something, at any rate) and poisonous things that don't exist here. They told me that they had become quite paranoid, checking the toilet bowl before using it, because insects would frequently be there, a habit that they still retained. I started to do the same, checking around, especially in the basement, where there are things that run around. :(

For awhile I thought I was simply being paranoid--that is, until today when I saw a millipede slink across the tiled floor. I couldn't squish it in time, and now it's making me antsy, knowing that it's somewhere.

Incidentally, I kind of envy the millipede's speed. Those legs make the walking pattern of the bug really smooth, and it seems lithe and agile. No less 'ew', though.
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OK, the spider-squashing season has officially opened. In my room, anyway.

A couple weeks ago, I was reading in bed when a black spider ran out of the book jacket, stunning me, and scuttled around the pillow. By the time I'd gotten over the shock and checked to see where the thing'd gone, there was no sign of it.

Then yesterday, sitting brazenly in my sink, I found and squashed another one. It had strung a piece of silk from the faucet to the side, and I was rather shocked--I used that sink just that day. I found one crouched on the floor today as well.

They don't seem to be too big at the moment (thankfully). In the spring, all the small, tiny spiders are out, sitting on my floor, often unmoving even as I squish them. The older ones (the ones that survive) are far more canny; they will run (including onto you, which is the worst) at the slightest shift in the air.



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