Jan. 30th, 2015 05:51 pm
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I think I've forgotten how to keep a journal, argh. Haven't done it in weeks, feels like.

It snowed finally--it's been cold for ages but no snow, which is unfair--and I managed to get some pictures when I was walking home at night. The quality of the photos is kind of variable on my cellphone but I am pleased with this one!

extreme close up of field of snowflakes and blurred out background of streetlights, trees, etc

Snow in cities is mostly really disgusting because the cars churn and blacken it immediately, but in that magical moment while the snow is still falling it's gorgeous. Especially at night, when the streetlights make individual snowflakes sparkle (but not completely snow-blind you, like this morning.)
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Today was FREEZING.

It was wonderful this morning because it was still snowing (!!!) and usually when it snows like that, you know, powder-puff and sunny skies, the temperature's usually not that bad. Did regret leaving behind my scarf though. But the snow more than made up for it - it's been weird living here, because it doesn't snow as much.

But coming home at four - before the sun went down, I'll add - it was FREEZING. It had stopped snowing and the wind was blasting the snow off the trees and roofs (so it looked like it was snowing giant clumpy white blobs) and did I mention FREEZING? I checked the weather report and it said -15C, which isn't unheard of and really not that cold, except I was not expecting it. Oh god.

But that's not what I was going to talk about. In a fit of procrastination, I've made mockups of calligraphy broadsides. Basically I went searching for Kushiel's Legacy icons and kind of, uh, hated the typography on some of them, so I started playing around with phrases. I especially like Thelesis de Mornay's poetry quote; I made several other quotes, but the other ones need more work. I used a fountain pen for the blue, but if I want to make a full-sized version, I need to buy gouache: you can't tell because the pen is very thin, but a thicker dip pen using this sort of ink would look extremely patchy and weirdly translucent, because this ink isn't really designed for larger work.

I used to scan these sorts of things. Now I have a Mac (D:) and I cannot get any program to recognize my multifunction printer as a scanner, so I'm stuck with photography. Which, yeah, cry harder plz. But it does mean that nothing came out quite flat, and the reason why there's pens and stuff weighing down the paper so it doesn't curl up. Also I cannot write in a straight line to save my life. My squares are not squares, they are but faint shadows of the ideal boxes that would have resulted if I were anything approaching a draftsman.

eta: Also, I shot this photo at 1600 ISO (I...think I didn't bother changing the settings from the last time I was taking pictures, which was a night-time fireworks show) so I wouldn't bother enlarging: the photo's really grainy.

At any rate, picture of calligraphy rough under the cut )

Lastly, Samuel L Jackson expressed his desire to return in Episode VII:
I don't know why I'd have to be a ghost. I'm a Jedi! I fell out of a window and they took my hand off. I could show up as a one-handed Jedi - alive!

Not gonna lie, that would be AMAZING. I would be all over that. More Mace Windu! :D
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It's odd how I don't have a book-reading icon. :( THESE MATTERS MUST BE RECTIFIED, and SOON.

Every once in awhile I see how many I've got of these books...bold for read-through, italics for started )

It snowed approximately five centimeters on the evening of the 30th, I arrived home looking like the abominable snowman and cursing people for salting their sidewalks (instead of shovelling, since then it just freezes), and woke up today to find it was GONE. This is such a weird winter.
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Random link dump, because I was browsing through a community :P

Frank in a whole bunch of incarnations. Also includes the one with SA's logo, but it looks more like he's been shot or something o.O

I had no idea this existed. :D :D

Other things that may or may not be of interest to you:
1. a water main burst on one of the main roads in the city the other day. It looked like the river burst its banks. I was impressed.

2. It's melting it's melting! Spring is coming! (When the sun comes out the world feels beautifully optimistic, it's golden and warm and oh glory! It's partly cloudy today. The clouds have this way of quashing that optimism.)

3. The ground is blushing green.

4. I would like to have a voice like this. (although they do have the choir back them up, which helps enormously with power and all).
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dear flist:

Anyone know of interesting journals/blogs that write in either French or Chinese? LJ, DW, off-site entirely: I am looking for reading material. Things I am interested in: (erm) books-reading-language-literature-words. Anyone who you think has really good writing. About themselves or the world or anything you find interesting, really; I can always pick and choose. I'd just rather not have image-heavy ones, if possible, since I'm after the words and reading comprehension :)

*puts plate of cookies out*

I saw a robin red-breast yesterday and I've heard the geese honking (and the seagulls crying, which always makes me think of the sea, poor landlocked-city!). Also today there was ten centimeters of snow and equal parts of slush. :P

I've also got a flamingo. From 750words, I mean; that's one of the badges you get when you write for ten days in a row. A flamingo! Sadly, the next one will take another twenty days (the amazing albatross) so there's time yet for me to accidentally miss a day. Or for OpenID authentication to go down, which amounts to the same thing.
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If I'd written this entry yesterday it would have gone something like: The world is melting, and spring is coming! I can see the grass and patches are green! Yay spring!

Today has been solid flurries. Visibility is awful and the buses are stuck everywhere. I think Old Man Winter decided that April Fools wasn't good enough, and decided on April the second. You cannot know winter until you've stayed outside so long that your toes are like little ice blocks and you think despairingly that they'll fall off...

It's wonderful packing snow. It's marvelous for snowfights.

But ack! I've forgotten to write my daily 750 words! My penguin!
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Oddly formatted requests sound like poetry
especially the garbled ones
composed in a cranky email editor
fed through an internet translator and back
the meaning struggling through the words--

It's been snowing gloriously for the last few days. I think there was freezing-rain on Thursday, so everything - tree branches, grass blades poking through the snow, the fence - acquired the most exquisite spikes of ice. Then it snowed, and is snowing, and the street looks picturesque. The wind has made one side of the trees white and green, and blown the snow off the other side :P

*political noises* Non-confidence vote re national budget is forcing an election. Maybe this time we can get a majority government; it's been three minority governments in a row and it would be nice to get things done quicker. *crosses fingers*

I've been listening to the soundtrack from Tangled and I am in love with Donna Murphy's voice. Warning: it is by an emotionally manipulative mother trying to control Rapunzel - but so dramatic, powerful and perfect for the scene.

By sheer force of repetition (a lot of requests are filed from Russian-speakers), I recognize "Thank you" by sight - Спасибо. вопросы - problem. Attempts to learn the alphabet have been vaguely in the not-success-and-not-failure range - I never realized quite how much easier it was to learn something like French, for example; the (almost) shared alphabet is an enormous help.

And note to anyone on LiveJournal using attempting to use Internet Explorer 9 and the Rich Text Editor - it's currently quite broken (anything requiring the grey pop-up window - poll creator, adding links, etc), it's been reported to developers, and in the meantime try the HTML editor.
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Currently quite frustrated with myself, because I have got ideas and ideas for stories (I feel like the quintessential kid in the candy store; also, the idea of having bilingual stories is really, really appealing) but I'm not writing. Which is no-one's fault but mine, but aggravating.

It's snowing gorgeously outside. I mean the lightest snow, that covers up everything and makes the world sparkle under the streetlamps. The kind of snow where you can see every individual snowflake.

(I always get poetic about weather. I do not know why.)

I've discovered, by accident and then by Google searching, about the wonderful, wonderful shortcuts for Microsoft 2007's equation editor. It's amazing how much faster I can input equations now that I don't have to hunt and click around for formatting options and operators and Greek letters; typing is so much quicker. Microsoft, your documentation for this is terrible. The help files were no use at all.

Lastly: I will do my utmost to avoid a job that requires customer service.
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I went ice skating today. In retrospect, I could have chosen a better day. It was negative thirty with windchill. Oops.

I can still skate backwards! I can still brake! I can still skate, period! It's been a few years. I didn't attempt spins. (I hate spins.) There were perhaps two or three dozen people out today - on a nice day, the lagoon is filled with hundreds of people. The relative sparseness of people worked in my favour, though; I was so bundled up there it was exceedingly impractical to look backwards when I skated backwards, so it was all good. I would like to go skating again. Only on a better day, thank you very much.

Reading through Hamlet again. V. exciting.
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-30 Celsius today, and with windchill it went into negative forty. Waiting for the bus has become a horrible experience. [especially when you can see that the same route has had two buses come by already, and not even one for you...]

It has been a week of very, very cold temperatures (we used to get these in January? Oh, whyyy?) and also frenetic typing as I attempt to finish my novel. I find that trying to accomplish a big project only provides fuel for other smaller plotbunnies, so my notebook now has another story. (Intriguing, but I really want to finish this story! I mean, start the actual action, since my setting is so very long, and I need to cut it down!) D:
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Snowfall of about fifteen centimeters over the last two or three days. The whole city has been moving in slow motion: watching the cars spiral down the cloverleaf-shaped interchange, strung out like dark beads against the white snow, is strange for someone who is used to whizzing down them so fast that everyone in the car is leaning to the other side. It is all fogged up glass and slow traffic, crowds of darkly-dressed people waiting for buses after sunset. The wind has piled ridges along houses and covered the hill in almost knee-deep snow: we break the path each morning, and by the end of the day it is often gone again. Along the roads the splatter of dirtied snow mars the clean, and the road is a smooth slick gleam of ice.
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It snowed this morning. D:
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Because today, it snowed in huge clumps of snowflakes and covered the ground in two or three inches of cold, slushy snow. I know that we're going to have snow in May, but I thought--since March was so mild! so strange--that we'd have some real spring. Alas, spoken too soon! The windows are frosted, the gusting winds must've done something to the powerlines (there was some interesting flickering of lights going on earlier) and I do not relish going down that hill tomorrow morning. Ah, well.
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The street outside my house is like a non-zamboni-ed ice rink.

The street is blinding in the daytime, because of the ice. And it's not flat ice, either; it's pitted and rutted from the cars passing over, blackened with the rocks and dirt that's been ground into it. Unfreezing in the mornings and refreezings in the night create ponds--and mini rinks--all over the place. Driving over that place is a nightmare.


Jan. 21st, 2010 04:38 pm
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It's foggy outside. I can't tell you how exciting this is.
I can see the people from the Maritimes and the sea board rolling their eyes. But for someone in a province in the middle of the country where we get fog maybe two or three times a year, it's exciting. It's thick, too, and since the temperature is sub-zero, every tree and grass blade is furry with white frost. I need my camera.
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I remember being very surprised to find out that 4 seasons, balanced out equally over the year, each with 3 months, actually existed. Not just a textbook idea. I didn't know that they were real.
Welcome to my world, where it is snowing and -10 C degrees and life is going on normally. Halloween will be done by kids swathed in layers of fabric again. It will snow like the dickens on Remembrance Day. And if we're lucky, we'll have a white Christmas. In January we will be plunged into The cold snap, the one that seems to be forever long and will have people waiting at the bus stops in -25 degree weather. I'm looking forward to that one.
In the meantime, I think I'll go put on another sweater.
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Well, to be truthful, I did see it coming.

It's snowing.

It's snowing and the world is not a sparkling winter wonderland, but instead a dreary gray city sky, chilly and cold. The wind has decided to be biting and the sun is hiding, and I suppose Mr. Winter has arrived.

You know, we always see it coming; we just ignore the signs and hope that summer will last just a bit longer. Near the end of August, it rains--a dank, cold rain--but we shrug it off as a spell of rain, not the end of summer. And then you head out in the mornings to a frost-furred landscape, and think, "Oh, it's only September--it won't be snow for another bit." And then after that, you glance out the window, and the white flakes are falling.

It's cold. I envy the people who are still enjoying autumn, where fall is actually 3 months. You don't know what you've got...


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