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I caught the cherry blossoms!
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However! To make myself feel better, and anyway the muddling about with categories isn't very interesting, here are two photos I did like, click through for full size.

Spring: cherry blossoms )

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I'm working on an enormous review for Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson (I devoured the series) but in the meantime I've also been editing photos like mad.

I went to see fireworks twice and while the fireworks were lovely we had terrible views each time so I don't have good pictures. There was a fairground set up nearby, though, so I took this picture:

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Q: How many cherry blossom photos do I have?

Three separate trips: one while coming home from the gallery (happy accident!), once just for the blossoms, third time when visiting the park with A. These flowers are so easy to photograph and so, so pretty. I love flowers so much, and the most magical ones are, I think, the ones that are on trees. I love trees in full flower. Apple blossom, cherry blossom, they're all perfect.

Just three cherry blossom pictures under the cut. I don't really have time right now to go through all them and edit, so I just converted them into jpeg.

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Eurovision finals are tomorrow! I am going to watch and if anyone wants to join me I have made a chatroom on mibbit (an IRC channel). If you have never used IRC before this should take you directly in--just enter a name to chat with where it says "nick".

If you have a client:
channel: #eurovision
No password required.

The first time I watched Eurovision it was with #lj_s and it was so much fun. IRC's not hard to use once you're in--it's just like any other chat interface--so come in to chat if you like!

I will be in there starting at around 2:50pm my time (and if I understand time zones correctly, which I may in fact totally misunderstand, it will be about 8:50pm in Denmark i.e. CEST.) So like 6:50 UTC. I THINK. On second thought, don't trust my attempts at converting timezones because they mess me up, I'll just be in about ten minutes before the show starts at 21:00 Copenhagen's time. informs me this is 21:00 CET.


The other day I walked into the kitchen and saw that there were about twenty bananas in bunches along the window. It's been overcast and rainy all day and the light fell just like an painting. It reminds me of a National Geographic (I think) photograph I saw once, of pears lined up on a windowsill. ETA: FOUND it! It's so cool how far Google and the internet has come--I put in "pears along windowsill" and the first result to come up was it. It's an amazing photo--I think I saw it in their 50 years of photography book. Hm, in retrospect, the photos aren't very similar. And unlike that picture, I am not taking a lovely picture of Moscow in the distance. Instead, it is the house next door, and also the pine tree I consult every morning for the weather (like this.)

Anyway, I took a picture. Actually, nineteen, but this is the best one:

bananas on windowsill )

One of the things that photography has taught me is that if you see something that you think is interesting--light, texture, anything--you have to take the picture then. Don't wait. Especially light, because it changes so fast; I feel like I'm always chasing after one sunbeam or another. Come back in a minute and it's gone, wahh.

When I went to make dinner, all the bananas were gone and the kitchen smelled like a banana massacre. I think the girl who lives down the hall bought them and then made a gigantic smoothie or banana mash to freeze or something.


It was rainy today but the cherry trees are blooming and I had my camera (I'd been walking home from visiting the art gallery) and so I took many pictures. I know exactly what I'm doing with my weekend. Oh my god. Finally! STAY TUNED.
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I went back to the Gardens to take more pictures! Here's last time's post, for reference--almost exactly a week ago two years ago. (ETA: by which I mean when I started composing this entry, April 27, but it is clearly no longer April 27 oops.) They're wrapping up their Easter show--there were lilies absolutely everywhere. I wish I could bottle their essence and upload it onto the internet, because the whole conservatory smelled like lilies.

I think my photography has improved. I'm much happier with my photos, at least; I'm using the same camera which helps in comparison. I think a lot more about light, at any rate--everything is light, everything.

I came home with 200+ pictures, but after weeding out the blurry ones, the uninteresting ones, the duplicates or near-duplicates, here are the highlights! They're all flowers, and because I am a terrible botanist (or rather, not a botanist) I know pretty much none of their names. Look, I studied ecology and human biology in high school, we didn't do classification! (I wish we had though.)

Nineteen large pictures of flowers under the cut. I actually resized them in Lightroom this time, so no links to larger versions; these are the largest size* )

*Though seriously, if you see a picture that you like and would like a full-size copy, I am more than happy to email you one (or more than one, seriously). I am not a professional photographer and I in no way will ever make money from this, and I basically take pictures because it makes me happy and I like sharing them. You all are welcome to use the images.


Dec. 22nd, 2013 09:07 pm
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Hi flist. I've been mad busy for awhile but I'm all caught up now and I can, like, respond to comments! :D

Kushiel's Legacy exchange opened! This time we have seven fic :D I'm amused that it came down to two f/f, two m/m, two m/f, and one gen. It's too bad there's only one gen fic, we could have gotten a perfect split!

Thanks go to [personal profile] kmo for making this exchange even possible and for doing so much work <3

I got linked to a great photographer He uses photography and I think some kind of art (painting?) to really make photographs pop. Stuff like this,large.jpg?1364206587 is what I see, with my eyes, when I try to take pictures--but they never turn out like what I want. Aargh.


Jul. 8th, 2013 07:11 pm
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It's pouring rain! The intersection down the road is underwater. The cars in downtown are swimming. I got out of work dry and was soaked to the skin as soon as I made it down the stairs. It's unbelievable. What is going on?? This isn't normal at all!


This is ironic because on Saturday, A and I went to the park to photograph butterflies, and sweated like pigs. All we saw were two (2) Cabbage Whites (invasive species) and 2 (two) Summer Azures, which are azure by naked eye, and tattered grey by photograph. Better than the first time in May, when we saw only the Cabbage Whites...lots of birds though. A has a picture of me sitting in despair under the shade of a bush, but some of the photos were worth it.

Here's my favourite picture of Saturday:

under the cut )

*jaw drop*

May. 31st, 2013 05:06 pm
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flickr is opening up storage size to ONE TERABYTE. For free users.

I am also really really really enjoying my new photostream look. It used to be white background + thumbnails of pictures, which is okay, but not great. Now the photos are much bigger--they take up the screen's width--which is so much better. It's not great if your internet's not fast, granted, but pictures are kind of an exception for me. When I work with pictures I want everything to be big.

I go to flickr occasionally and scroll through the recent photos (Explore). Have an adorable kitty picture I just found!:

One terabyte. Oh my god.
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I'm starting to think that Lightroom's "auto tone" is set producing pictures that look like a different era.

So I have these photos, right? They're a bit underexposed (too dark, all the contrast's in shadows). Lightroom, upon hitting the auto-tone button--controlling exposure, contrast, highlights/blacks/whites/shadow clipping--generally reacts as though the photos were taken in the pitchest, blackest night ever and yanks exposure way up.

It reminds me so much of old Polaroid pictures, is what I'm saying.

Here, I'm rubbish at explaining pictures via text. Examples under cut (I tried to make them small! I swear! Someday I will be able to fight with sizes, but Lightroom's export dialogue is obstructive and Photoshop is really overdoing it. But hey they are all the same size, so I can tell you numbers: 3,504px × 2,336px.)

3 pictures of the same bird )

Incidentally if you ever wanted to know about grain, or ISO, you can use the size to zoom in. These pictures were taken at ISO 400, and you can see clearly that they weren't enough to offset the dim light--I probably should have pulled it higher. When you zoom in, or even at this size, you can see there is random noise. The colours don't blend perfectly together.
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I came home this afternoon and saw the flowers coming up. They've been coming up for about a week now, but then we had snow and then horrid rain for three or four days (and cloudy skies when it wasn't raining). Suddenly I felt that time was fleeing and that I had to get outside and take pictures. Immediately. Spring is the quickest, briefest season--what was it that Robert Frost said?

Nature's first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold.

There's this house on the corner, and the owners have a big hedge grown up along the sidewalk. In the wintertime it's pretty see-through because the leaves fall off, and sparrows perch in it year-round, so I like to look for birds when I go by. But today I saw that it had started budding leaves. And what leaves! They were just like flowers.

While I was doing my first pass (mostly to toss the blurry or under/overexposed photos) and flicking through pictures, waiting for them to load, zooming in and out to look at clarity etc, I found myself practically salivating over the photos. The really nice, really sharp pictures--I kept thinking that they were absolutely delicious.

Then I got up and ate dinner, just in case.

That said, there's just something in a clean, sharp macro photo that's...delicious. Some brain wiring has gotten fused, perhaps, but--well, the flowers look like they're cupping sunshine! Ahhhh, there's nothing like flowers.

Pictures! )

I think I need to change my lj style. (After four years!) It's just not as wide as the dw one, and it's a pain with photographs; if you visit my journal you'll probably have to scroll; I don't think that the space is even 800px wide.
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Right, so my friend has an adorable, adorable kitten, and last time I went over to her place, I didn't bring my camera. I have since rectified my mistake, and now I have kitten pictures!

These pictures all look better in larger sizes (they're rather dark: indoor lighting + cloudy day). My LJ and DW styles handle picture sizing differently, which annoys me to no end, but clicking will open them in a new tab where you can also zoom in. They're really big - I shoot in RAW.

My friend wears a pink plaid shirt, and the kitty is like a tiger. MASSIVE pictures under cut. )
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So, guess who deleted her Lightroom catalogue because it looked like a random .lrcat file lying around and was just clutter? And then cleared out her recycling box before opening Lightroom to ascertain whether or not the file was important, as she meant to do?


*This being Lightroom, I did not lose any photos. They're still all there. Except the ones I deleted through Lightroom, but I meant them to be wiped off the disk and they were. No sweat.
*I found my old catalogue! At some point I must have made a new catalogue. I remember this actually (well, not the making-of-a-new-one, because if I had, I'd not have deleted this one) because I remember opening up Lightroom and discovering that all my pre-November 2011 photos were gone. "Weird," I said to myself, and didn't investigate further.

*Because I did not export many of the photos I developed, I still have the raw photos, but now all my work on the files is wiped. AGH, and I'd added not only cropping & other fixes, but also my tagging set! My metadata!
*I have to manually re-import a bunch of photos. I think all my photos are still there. Hrmph.

So now I'm mud-wrestling with Windows Backup (I've never had to restore a backup before, this is kind of exciting.) Since I don't have exactly emotional attachments to my developed pictures - more an annoyance that all my work's been wiped - it's kind fun! I didn't know that you could separately restore files; this is great! I was afraid you'd have to lump-restore the whole thing.

But...I last ran Windows Backup in August on to my behemoth external hard drive which lives under my table? Really? I'm pretty sure I did it before then...

I feel a right dolt.
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There are cats that live on my street. I was walking home from a photography expedition (fortuitously - because my camera is so large I don't carry it except on expeditions) and got a picture of one of the cats! By which I mean I took a picture, but only after I stopped dead on the sidewalk, said "Hi kitty! Hi!" and then realized I was carrying a camera.

Now by this point he was walking away, but he turned round at just the right moment (the larger image looks better - click to enlarge):

image of black cat, body walking away but looking straight on to camera

(I think the tip of his tail is white; it's just curled around in this picture.)
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FIRST: flowers! (I fixed the alt attribute, but all the tooltips will say something like "best of (2 of 10)" - I gave up. Going to fix that next time).
I seem to take pictures of a lot of roses )


just two )
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Doesn't seem to be an easy way to shift pictures around galleries (I had to sort a number of SW gifs out of my unsorted gallery) so this is all under the "Unsorted" album.

[Note: if you're viewing this on my journal on LJ, you will need to use the scrollbar...900px is too wide, so Expressive side-scrolls instead. You can also "View Image" to see the original sizing.]

Large images warning! *wail* And they're sized down! )
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Boring text bit )

RAMBLING ASIDE - I have pictures. It is 1 am and I have been working with this set, editing and trying to figure out how to publish - since four, so none of these have commentary. Well, except that the light was very good so most are just a crop and a bit of contrast adjustment, and oh right there's one with desaturated green (you'll see it easily - the flower really looks bright).

Pictures as promised. Two dozen culled from two hundred. )

*This explains why the temperature adjustments seemed necessary! *facepalm*


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