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I got the most awesome fic for yuletide!! For all the Kushiel's Legacy people on my flist, you have to read my gift! It's an AU divergence, if Dorelei didn't die, and had a child called Aniel, and Moirin was born to Morwen instead and was a witch, and omg these are the AUs I dream of reading. Kushiel shows up! There's magic! AHHH! I don't want to spoil it though, it's 8k and plotty and seriously, you should go read it!

Kushiel's Keys (8009 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Kushiel's Legacy - Jacqueline Carey
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Moirin mac Morwen, Aniel de la Courcel, Morwen
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence

It is not wise to meddle with D'Angelines in the affairs of love - but the Great Bear Herself is not cowed by shining birds. A story of a world, and a witch, that might have been, if Morwen had succeeded in getting a half-D'angeline child to balance out Aniel, if Dorelai had lived and Imriel been much more fastidious with his croonie-stone, and his love with Sidonie had no time to develop a strong foundation before she was ensorceled, if he had been far away in Alba with his young son when the curse was cast. This is the story of a brother and a sister, of hybrids and heritage, of forgiveness and ghosts.


Dec. 22nd, 2013 09:07 pm
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Hi flist. I've been mad busy for awhile but I'm all caught up now and I can, like, respond to comments! :D

Kushiel's Legacy exchange opened! This time we have seven fic :D I'm amused that it came down to two f/f, two m/m, two m/f, and one gen. It's too bad there's only one gen fic, we could have gotten a perfect split! http://archiveofourown.org/collections/Midwinter_Masque_2013/works

Thanks go to [personal profile] kmo for making this exchange even possible and for doing so much work <3

I got linked to a great photographer http://kilianschoenberger.neuerstandard.de/koken/woodland. He uses photography and I think some kind of art (painting?) to really make photographs pop. Stuff like this http://kilianschoenberger.neuerstandard.de/koken/storage/cache/images/000/314/11_November_2012bwwsss,large.jpg?1364206587 is what I see, with my eyes, when I try to take pictures--but they never turn out like what I want. Aargh.
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*tunes her foghorn*

I'm thinking of setting up a Kushiel's Legacy fic/art exchange with kmo_lj. If you haven't seen the entry yet, I've put up one to gauge interest: http://kushiel-trilogy.livejournal.com/269713.html Please come on over and give me your opinion!

Panfandom chat, spun off from FFA: [community profile] allfandom_chat! So far so good (yay book discussion!) and I'm enjoying seeing all the icons.
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[livejournal.com profile] smallfandomfest has closed prompting and is accepting claims/writers are posting already! Here is the post for claiming, though you're not obliged to claim in order to fill.

For this round I put up a bunch of wildly different prompts (I can never remember what I wanted when it's time to prompt!) they're visible under "Kushiel's Legacy (Jacqueline Carey) here.

Review of Freakonomics is delayed because I need to read this paper first: "The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime". It's accessible here. Levitt's idea about the landmark Roe v. Wade decision affecting the drop in crime rates in America during the 1990's is one of his biggest, most important statistical analyses. They have been thrown into doubt by two economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (C. L. Foote and C. F. Goetz), but I haven't read the paper yet. Reserving judgement.

From [community profile] dreamwidth_meta is this post on "Why Google+ is still not working for humans", a fascinating look into social media and how we interact with it. He writes about how Google+ is just not designed for people to be comfortable with, and expands outwards into social media in general.

There is a high entropy factor in social networks. New groups are forming all the time, and old groups die out. Creating a group or adding people to a group is driven by a positive emotion. I care about my new friend, or my new Guys Night Out group, so it feels appropriate to spend the energy it takes to create the group or add the person to my friend list. But then later – when the person is not my friend, or the Guys Night Out plan has run its course – I no longer care about it. And because I don’t care, I don’t want to spend any energy on it - not even the energy to remove it. In fact, spending the energy to delete the group might inadvertently make the other group members think I cared about it, and make them feel bad for letting the group die, etc.

This is why social networking sites tend to decay over time. Because I never remove people, my Friendster or MySpace or Facebook account has a smaller and smaller percentage of meaningful relationships in it, and as a result it becomes less relevant over time. This is also why a new social network always feels somehow better than the last one. It has smarter people, more relevant conversations, etc. It is all because your social network in the new space has not had time to decay.

He touches on a lot of different subjects; I think it's well worth a read, even though the post was made several years ago when Google+ launched. The point he raised about like vs +1 makes me wonder about LJ's "friends" and DW's "subscribe/give access". This was a deliberate decision to remove the emotional connotations, but honestly, social media networks are called social for a reason. What's the phrase? Skin in the game. You don't make friend without putting some skin in the game. DW's method is more like a feed of someone's blog; I just absorb their stuff invisibly.
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I totally am one of those fans.

Here's the tag set for Kushiel's Legacy in the upcoming [livejournal.com profile] rarewomen exchange fest:

Edmee de Rocaille
Jehanne de la Courcel no Cereus
Snow Tiger (Kushiel's Legacy)
Alais de la Courcel
Amarante (Kushiel's Legacy)
Melisande Shahrizai
Moirin (Kushiel's Legacy)
Phedre no Delaunay
Roshana Shahrizai
Sidonie de la Courcel
Ysandre de la Courcel

And all I see are problems in presentation. No, not Edmee de Rocaille - Edmée de Rocaille! The "no" should have an accent aigu - nó Cereus, not no Cereus. Phèdre, not Phedre, because it's supposed to sound like Phaedra. Also technically she inherited Delaunay's estate, and so she has a name there too. Moirin has a matronymic! She doesn't need to be differentiated with brackets, because her full name is Moirin mac Fainche. (Bao, on the other hand, probably does, since he rejects/has never had a father's name.) Amarante has a byname*! AND AND AND AND AND

This one bugs me so much, though it's not in the tag set because he's not a woman, but it's used on AO3:

Imriel de la Courcel

which, nooooooo. You are missing something big! He makes a huge point of his name being Imriel nó Montrève, (de la Courcel), thankyouverymuch. And when I say that, I mean he actually corrects/intercepts people on it - call me Imriel, avoid calling me by my title. A major, "I'm not really that big a fan of House Courcel, I prefer my found family" point, early on. It changes, yeah, but it's important for him! You know, like the point where half the realm is reluctant to want him marked as such because of his heritage? Where he feels angry at Ysandre because Phèdre had to use the Companion's Star? That thing? The nó Montrève is important!

Most of these are not the fault of the person nominating; I think, with the exception of a few like Jehanne, they are all already in the system >:( But I won't get into how AO3 drives me batty with inconsistent everything and "we only let you have the appearance of setting tag names" dance. Because that would take up too much space and has been said eloquently elsewhere.


While I am unsurprised by some of the names (the day when Melisande Shahrizai and Phèdre are not nominated in a woman-centered exchange fest with this fandom, I will happily eat my hat) but I am really happy about some of them. MOIRIN, yes, give me all the fic. With magic, or adventuring, or anything. Someone nominated Jehanne! And Snow Tiger**! Even Edmée! ♥ for all of them. I can't wait for this exchange. I do love Melisande and Phèdre, but I'm excited about maybe getting fic about other characters, too.

*Also, I only noticed this a few months ago, but Carey actually has a bit of language evolution - Phanuel is descended from Amarante, but while she's called Amarante de Namarre, by the time it's gotten down to Phanuel, his last name has become Demarre. Some elision has happened (it is a little awkward to put two alveolar sounds there - /d/ and then /n/, and it's much easier to go from /d/ to /m/ instead) so his surname is recognizably still Amarante's, but plausibly changed over the past hundred years! I live for these details in the world-building, I really do.

**ACTUALLY ALSO, by AO3's admittedly very inconsistent standard, I think her name should actually be Xuě Hǔ | Snow Tiger. Except wait, what do you do with tone sandhi?? Because no one will actually say that (assuming modern pronounciation; I am not sure the language even has tonal contrast yet - dates uncertain.) Xué Hǔ | Snow Tiger, rather. I tried scrolling through media on AO3, but all I saw was Japanese, and also they are really inconsistent, so I'm gonna abandon this one.
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Today was FREEZING.

It was wonderful this morning because it was still snowing (!!!) and usually when it snows like that, you know, powder-puff and sunny skies, the temperature's usually not that bad. Did regret leaving behind my scarf though. But the snow more than made up for it - it's been weird living here, because it doesn't snow as much.

But coming home at four - before the sun went down, I'll add - it was FREEZING. It had stopped snowing and the wind was blasting the snow off the trees and roofs (so it looked like it was snowing giant clumpy white blobs) and did I mention FREEZING? I checked the weather report and it said -15C, which isn't unheard of and really not that cold, except I was not expecting it. Oh god.

But that's not what I was going to talk about. In a fit of procrastination, I've made mockups of calligraphy broadsides. Basically I went searching for Kushiel's Legacy icons and kind of, uh, hated the typography on some of them, so I started playing around with phrases. I especially like Thelesis de Mornay's poetry quote; I made several other quotes, but the other ones need more work. I used a fountain pen for the blue, but if I want to make a full-sized version, I need to buy gouache: you can't tell because the pen is very thin, but a thicker dip pen using this sort of ink would look extremely patchy and weirdly translucent, because this ink isn't really designed for larger work.

I used to scan these sorts of things. Now I have a Mac (D:) and I cannot get any program to recognize my multifunction printer as a scanner, so I'm stuck with photography. Which, yeah, cry harder plz. But it does mean that nothing came out quite flat, and the reason why there's pens and stuff weighing down the paper so it doesn't curl up. Also I cannot write in a straight line to save my life. My squares are not squares, they are but faint shadows of the ideal boxes that would have resulted if I were anything approaching a draftsman.

eta: Also, I shot this photo at 1600 ISO (I...think I didn't bother changing the settings from the last time I was taking pictures, which was a night-time fireworks show) so I wouldn't bother enlarging: the photo's really grainy.

At any rate, picture of calligraphy rough under the cut )

Lastly, Samuel L Jackson expressed his desire to return in Episode VII: http://www.jedinews.co.uk/news/news.aspx?newsID=10067
I don't know why I'd have to be a ghost. I'm a Jedi! I fell out of a window and they took my hand off. I could show up as a one-handed Jedi - alive!

Not gonna lie, that would be AMAZING. I would be all over that. More Mace Windu! :D


Dec. 25th, 2012 01:10 pm
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The New World (4690 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Kushiel's Legacy - Jacqueline Carey
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Moirin (Kushiel's Legacy), Bao (Kushiel's Legacy)

When I returned to my home in Alba after so many years of travel, it was to rest. We did not intend to change the world yet again.

It's post-canon and it's like the Continuing Adventures of Moirin and Bao and just, oh my god, because of AU changes in the canon it's as though some of the later discoveries come now - coffee and chemistry and so many other little things. SO MUCH FUN. I am ridiculously pleased with my present.
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I organized a write-in session (current status of yuletide fic is DEFCON: BEARS) with a couple o' other people in the area who I met through Nanowrimo and are writing year round. This started at six-thirty. I got in, ordered a hot chocolate...and proceeded to do nothing, nothing at all, as far as writing went. I had specifically set up this time to work on the yuletide fic, and....

Except I looked up a lot of etymologies. (Lots of words went from Greek -> Latin -> French -> English, with optional French. I hadn't realized quite so many were though! AND Mavros and Amarante's names (Μαύρος & Αμάραντος) were not made up names they actually have a basis (!!!!!) Best discovery of all day, I can use this in my fic. Not yuletide, the other thing.)

And then, in the thirty minutes before Starbucks closed at 11pm, I managed to write pages. WHAT IS THIS, WHY.
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FIRST: flowers! (I fixed the alt attribute, but all the tooltips will say something like "best of (2 of 10)" - I gave up. Going to fix that next time).
I seem to take pictures of a lot of roses )


just two )
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My brain is frazzled by economics. I have spent seven or so hours today studying, plus some five hours yesterday, and more in the last preceding weeks. INSTEAD LET'S TALK ABOUT BOOKS.

I am experiencing intense withdrawal from the Naamah trilogy.

Finished reading the Naamah Trilogy (Naamah's Kiss, Naamah's Curse, Naamah's Blessing: Jacqueline Carey) a few days ago and in the grips of fevered want for more. That is, I don't want a sequel, per se, or a prequel (though how she should be able to put Moirin, the protagonist, into a prequel, would be a definite problem: Kiss begins in Moirin's childhood; the Kushiel series, as I understand, take place about a century prior anyway). I don't actually want fic either, because I don't really want to explore anything else in the universe. I suppose what I'm after is instead a fresh re-reading of the entire series, like it were new - to be able to wallow in the story again. I've already re-read them all an embarrassing number of times.

thoughts on the whole thing. This is spoilery for all three books. )

If you like alternate history/alternate universe historical-fantasy, this is your book! Though if you're a prude I would recommend the skill of flipping pages quickly. There's lots of travelling and plenty of adventure and fighting, and some politicking on the side. AHHHH who am I kidding? I'd love it if everyone could read it and we could all talk and make meta and discuss and even make fic and have art. Go on, read it!


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