Feb. 8th, 2016 04:01 pm
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So I have watched Sherlock, everything including The Abominable Bride. Saying "watched" seems a bit paltry, because I think fell face-first into fannish enthusiasm for it, especially the whole "consume everything about it" thing. I've been rewatching (as I watched it with other people and we commentated over it) and watching the commentaries and looking at gifs on tumblr and even starting to look for fic. Which, aghgh, it has been so long that I have felt motivated to look for fic - and even longer since there's been a whole bunch of fic there. Sure, I am late to the party, but on the plus side there is tons of fic and thousands of gifs.

There are always people who haven't watched - so, spoilers! I don't really talk about The Abominable Bride and very little of S3 either, though. )


Dec. 15th, 2015 11:30 pm
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The holds on Martha Wells' Siren Depths and Serpent Sea have finally arrived MUAHAHAHAHA goodbye my friends I'll be back eventually
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Just got back from Die Walkure. It's past midnight, it was so long and my mind has been blown. Oh my god it was amazing. I have so many thoughts and I need to sleep because tomorrow is an early day but I am so fjiwoehdsfv about everything.


(but we were totally cheated of the Ride!! agh and the sword theme is gonna haunt my dreams, it was everywhere)
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I really like the way lj_r and news has been going. And I don't mind at all that comments at news have been closed and lj_r open, because news has always been a bit of a disaster in the commenting area.

Around the time of the site redesign I think they got rid of Frank the Goat in the 404/access denied page. Unlike I feel 99% of the population, I didn't mind Frank, but it does look nice. Except for the colour-contrast problems, I really do like the re-design; a lot of the columns got reshuffled so there are fewer (so you don't have to check all them) and a lot more logical, at least for me. And the design is a lot nicer than the previous one. I find myself missing the old headers though. I remember the fun old designs, the burst of colours!

Mostly, though, I'm very encouraged with the way that feedback has been opened up. I think the userbase has always been vocal, and that immediate customer-facing staff has always been aware of the requests/desires of the userbase, but it seems that the requests are propagating up and that's awesome.

Also, I'm still alive, I'm just abroad at the moment and travelling for 3-4 days every weekend (and then busy Mon/Tues/Weds) and consequently very, very tired of packing and unpacking and also regretful that I never attempted to learn ALL THE LANGUAGES. Also, I've learned that 7am flights are really not worth it because one pays ridiculous cab fares in order to get to the airport because the metro system doesn't start early enough...So I'm a bit exhausted. And ready to go somewhere I can read the signage.

ETA/PS: I have been mostly following my flist on both lists in bursts of "read everything" (also, how fast is meme moving it leaps two posts every time I look) but if there's something big/exciting/fun/scary/insertadjective happened I'd love to hear it if you want to talk!
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So where I'm currently at, regarding TWS: I see

but I also see underneath that, conflicting

credit to

*buries face in hands*
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I saw the Lego movie today! I really love Lego; when I was a kid I built a town with my little brother, called, er, "Lego town" and they fought regularly against bad guys.

The animation! I have to mention this first. It was perfect. The main character has the ordinary Lego minifigure face--two dots for eyes, a curved line for a mouth, yellow plastic head. The animators did a great job of making expressions for him though. He never acquires pupils but like other real minifigures his mouth and eyes changed, his eyebrows moved up and down, etc. His hair was almost like the ones you can get (smoothed down in a bit of a dome and swept to the side a bit, here's a picture) but had a cowlick sticking up, but it still looked exactly like the kind of hair you could buy for a figurine. And a lot of this fidelity extended to other characters and the landscape. The capes worn by some of the characters--looking at that animation you know it's the sort of plasticky fabric they shipped the toys with.

Spoilers! )

I really liked it! I recommend it, especially if you already like Lego or their animation elsewhere. It's also very funny, very self-aware and good-natured despite it.


Feb. 5th, 2014 09:31 pm
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AWww yeah snow! It snowed more than ten centimeters today, all light fluffy white snow and it was glorious. This is what winter's supposed to be! I miss new snow. There are lots of downsides of course, but when I poke my nose out the door in the morning and see the snow it always makes me happy. It's so pretty!

Think I'm going to use tomorrow morning to try to get some pictures, assuming it's not all dirty yet! That's the advantage of living on a very quiet side street--yeah, so the street is never ever plowed but the snow is gorgeous long after it's dirty on main arteries.


Dec. 10th, 2013 05:38 pm
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Yesterday someone linked an ebook archive and in a fit of nostalgia I downloaded Hawksong (actually, the entire Kiesha'ra series) and I read all of Hawksong, starting at 1am. I don't make good decisions past midnight, all right?

I'm not sure I can make a coherent review about this book! Everything is submerged in a flood of feelings about ZANE COBRIANA because oh yeah, I remember why I loved these so much! To say I ship Danica/Zane (or rather, OTP) would be a gross understatement. It has some weaknesses I never noticed years ago but the magnetic quality of the characters is still there. And I'm so glad.

I'm not sure I want to read past Hawksong either. Everything is okay right now. Like, spoilers )On the other hand, I kind of want to read the entire thing to see "black night on black ice", that phrase, again.

Some of my objections aren't really fair, seeing as it's a YA novel and quite short. The parts I was didn't like much were all the issues with Tuuli Thea and such; kingship is very personal there (perhaps even more, for the serpiente) and so it makes sense that personal decisions like marriage would affect the kingdom. Well, as though it didn't before. But the politics I had trouble buying, since I feel like there should be more complexity, more resistance, more internal inertia. The personal relationships were drawn beautifully, for such a small book. I felt that the politics needed more; they felt like one-on-one sorts of decisions, which is hard for me to swallow, accustomed to modern political systems.

Also looking back, I can see that Atwater-Rhodes knew the series' plot when she was writing it--the notes dropped in about the falcons, especially about the poison, are all setting it up.

I felt a bit bad for Rei, but on the other hand, haha, too bad! It's the same in with poor Raisa ana'Mariana and Amon Byrne, who are in a similar queen/protector situation; the other character is always more compelling. (Question: where do the snakeskin pants come from? I mean...did he skin someone for it? I find myself asking all sorts of magic-worldbuildy questions. Humans exist: that's why the Mistari moved, because the humans were taking over Central Asia. But what about plain sparrows, plain cobras?)

I don't think I wrote fic for this, but I definitely recall reading a lot of Now I'm mad that I've completed my fandom stocking and yuletide is far away. FFN says it has 200 works in--oh my god, apparently the Georgina Kincaid series has fifteen works excuse me I have to investigate this.


Nov. 10th, 2013 07:49 pm
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Major spoilers immediately )
I have SO MANY thoughts but that should cover some of them. AHHHHHHHHHHH---

(PS to anyone watching: there are two scenes at the end. One after the credits for all the actors, and one after the loooong credits. Some people left before the first, but a bunch left before the second. Stay till the very end.)
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So as the last entry may have suggested, I went to the symphony to hear Orff's Carmina Burana, and it was amazing.

It's a cantata scored for choirs, small orchestra, and tenor, baritone, and soprano. Orff used medieval songs/poetry from Beuern (Latinized to Burana) as his libretto, most of which were written in Latin but also Middle High German. He grouped them into several categories: drinking songs, love songs, songs about spring, all centered on a theme about Fortune. And then he set them to music.

You are probably familiar with the very first poem. It's O Fortuna and it's a very, very famous piece, often scored for epic scenes in pop culture. Here is a slowish Youtube recording. I really, really encourage you to listen to it, because I'm sure you know the first few seconds:

There was a hundred-plus choir singing this alongside a children's chorus, in what had to be like ffffffff dynamic phrasing. It was also a lot faster and had some incredibly clipped, marcato enuciation, so the impact can hardly be imagined in the concert hall. This is music to bowl you over completely!

The rest of Carmina Burana, and a quick note about the contrasting pieces preceding (including translated & original lyrics, even!) )


Nov. 2nd, 2013 12:41 am
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Went to hear Carmina Burana. My mind has been blown.
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Vacation means time to do stuff I want, like starting Minecraft!

omg this game

If you haven't heard of it, it's a sandbox game that can be played alone or with others. You spawn in a world by yourself and you basically do what you want--some people build huge castles, some people go out hunting and dungeoning, some play PvP, and because there's a strong modding community, there are also adventure maps, which are set-ups where you follow storylines. The rules of physics are altered rather drastically (most blocks, once placed, will not fall if you knock the support away), and everything has a stylized blocky appearance. You can mine and farm and plunder, whatever you really want.

I'm slowly getting a hang of FP games. I've always played third person, especially the kind where you click with the mouse to make the character go somewhere, and every time I tried playing first person games I'd scramble myself. I fell off the catwalk where you spawn in Portal 2 about four times in a row....and the game hadn't even started. (At least it was funny. I enjoyed GLaDOS' commentary.)

I made a cobblestone house by the sea:
minecraft figure standing in front of a blocky stone house with a triangle roof, wearing silver and gold armour

I put some 'bushes' (actually they are leaves from trees) next to my windows so they'd look like windowsill plants. The block of bushes off to the left is where I have a wheat field; it's just a hedge. The reason the entryway protrudes so much is I've set up an airlock--on one of the first nights when I didn't have a bed to sleep in, I had three zombies try to break down my door. I swear they spawn in mobs now--if you see one, there are more coming.

more talk and pictures under the cut )


I have already died in these following ways: killed by zombies, trying to swim in lava (I fell into running lava D:). So I think I am doing all right! I mean, I haven't killed myself via creeper, spider, cactus, suffocation, drowning, falling from heights, being shot by anybody...

The reason I'm in gold armour is because I'm low on iron and I haven't got anything to do with gold anyhow. And I finally got an enchanting table and in my excitement also enchanted my iron stuff--I have Power I on the bow (hmph), but Efficiency II on my pickaxe, so it goes through stone blocks beautifully, like butter.

I'm still figuring out what to do re: modding, but I do want to put in some--a minimap for sure (I got so lost in the mines, so many times), maybe Mo' Creatures (more animals!), Optifine for better fps and zooming, and definitely a better texture pack. Gold and iron look very similar, wheat doesn't look ripened, etc in the default pack. And I need to figure out how to change my appearance--Steve? has a blue shirt untucked on the left side and what looks like a frown.
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Keeping in mind that I read the book while in mild pain, in a overwarm room, and sleepily:

let the spoilers commence! )


Someone said something about Harry Potter the series being Calvinist, so I looked it up (usually there's an essay backing the argument somewhere) and I had an intense People are Wrong on the Internet moment while reading. Not with the theology, which I'm never gonna be qualified to argue. But on literary interpretations, well, I had objections. Here is the post for reference. While I agree that Snape isn't a nice guy, he's written as a godawful teacher, a jerk, spiteful, but also bullied, misguided, and held up as someone who did good in impossible situations--even if he personally was awful to be around. Harry names his child after him, for heavens' sake! Even if you want to argue that it's just Harry's inhuman ability to forgive (wrongly), Snape himself shows you don't have to be sorted into Gryffindor to be, as the essayist says, 'the Elect', the good guys. Lily...does not treat Snape as dirt. She's shown to stick up for Snape in that infamous scene by the lake, she tells Snape while they're in private--after years of being friends--her reasons why she feels uncomfortable with his associates. She doesn't just drop Snape for no reason; I think being uncomfortable with friends getting violent/holding ugly prejudices against you is certainly not unreasonable, and nor is it "treating Snape like dirt". I will not argue that James Potter was not "a bullying toerag", but one of the recurring themes in HP is that it's possible to be bad and still love people. I wish she had de-evilized Slytherin and carried the theme more consistently throughout, but that's an argument for another day. Nevertheless, look at the Malfoys--they really love their son (to the point where Narcissa quite clearly defies Voldemort, risking everything at the cusp of their supposed victory). James clearly loved both Lily and Harry a great deal. Dumbledore loved Ariana but not enough, as a teenager, to realize what he was doing or enough to stop being resentful. Love didn't make characters perfect, but imperfection elsewhere didn't (doesn't) mean that jerks couldn't love.

Nuance, please.

Some of the statements were perfectly wrong. "That deep down a person can't change. Deep down...Percy is officious"--but it's a major point that Percy comes back and says, giving up his pride, that he was wrong and he did wrong and he was a prat and he's sorry. This essay also ignores other characters sorted into different houses: what happened to Luna? The DA is populated with Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. Harry has a rather low opinion of some of them--he thinks Ernie McMillan is pompous, for example--but never does he, nor the text, argue that they have less of an impact fighting against Voldemort because they were sorted into the wrong house. I could go on refuting random sentences, and it's tempting, but I think I've made my main point.

I feel this argument was predicated on one assumption, namely "Harry Potter is Calvinist", and the facts got twisted to suit it. That's one way to construct an argument, but I don't see it as very valid. I'd rather you start with a reading of the text first, or at least play around with the idea.


In real life news, I went to dance class on Thursday! We started salsa, and it was a blast. I don't like dance as a performance very much--I did it as a child, and synchronized choreography, performance, and all that is not my cup of tea--but I do very much enjoy dance with a partner. Or with sequential partners, like square dance. I know some of my classmates thought it was hopelessly old and outdated, but I thought it was just so fun, and music was ridiculously catchy. OK, it's fun when the person you're partnered with wants to be there and wants to exert effort (not always a given in mandatory gym class!) but here, my partner, a random boy standing across from me, was good, or at least equally matched with me.

We went through the basic steps, and some turns and variations. It was really warm, even though the sun had gone down hours ago, but massively fun. My partner was good (and could hear the rhythm! Oh man, best) so we ended up practicing everything a million times while the teacher went among other dancers. I've done jive before, which I thought was kind of similar--at least some of the turns. The stop and go (leader does basic step, follower turns 180, twisting arms around, then unfolding) I'm pretty sure I did before. The music was fast--a lot of energy is involved! Definitely looking forward to learning more this week.
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I've never filled all the slots for everything before! )

This is my year to read ALL of Garth Nix's work, I agree. I hadn't realized just how many... In 2008 my fannish self would have absolutely killed for The Ragwitch fic, so bad I actually wrote something (it was terrible) so here goes another attempt!

All the Old Kingdom tags were already common, and so were Han and Raisa, but every-single-other tag I had to stab in the dark to make. Better to have them all with explanatory parentheses than to get them mixed up--I thought Lyssa was a common tag, but it was attached to Star Wars.

The exchange is running at [ profile] fic_corner or [community profile] fic_corner, if anyone wants to jump in!


Jul. 8th, 2013 07:11 pm
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It's pouring rain! The intersection down the road is underwater. The cars in downtown are swimming. I got out of work dry and was soaked to the skin as soon as I made it down the stairs. It's unbelievable. What is going on?? This isn't normal at all!


This is ironic because on Saturday, A and I went to the park to photograph butterflies, and sweated like pigs. All we saw were two (2) Cabbage Whites (invasive species) and 2 (two) Summer Azures, which are azure by naked eye, and tattered grey by photograph. Better than the first time in May, when we saw only the Cabbage Whites...lots of birds though. A has a picture of me sitting in despair under the shade of a bush, but some of the photos were worth it.

Here's my favourite picture of Saturday:

under the cut )
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SO I just got back from Iron Man 3, oh my god--

everything under the cut for spoilers )

I was predisposed to like this movie and it definitely didn't disappoint me!

*jaw drop*

May. 31st, 2013 05:06 pm
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flickr is opening up storage size to ONE TERABYTE. For free users.

I am also really really really enjoying my new photostream look. It used to be white background + thumbnails of pictures, which is okay, but not great. Now the photos are much bigger--they take up the screen's width--which is so much better. It's not great if your internet's not fast, granted, but pictures are kind of an exception for me. When I work with pictures I want everything to be big.

I go to flickr occasionally and scroll through the recent photos (Explore). Have an adorable kitty picture I just found!:

One terabyte. Oh my god.
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So this review is jumping the queue, because I love it. Sorry, all-other-allegedly-superior-books and books waiting in the review-queue, I play favourites. [I swear I'll get to Till We Have Faces, Freakonomics, Spindle's End...]

I inhaled the six books of Garth Nix's The Seventh Tower series--The Fall, Castle, Aenir, Above the Veil, Into Battle and The Violet Keystone--in the last two days. This is not a feat because they're tiny little books published by Scholastic, and two hundred large-print pages apiece, and also I've read them before. For the past few months, I've just had the most intense craving for this series and put it off because I was busy, or out of country, but then I got my hands on them and yes, they are still delightful.

I love Garth Nix for how he treats pat ideas in fantasy. The Seventh Tower takes place in a world living under the Veil, a thick layer that prevents sunlight from reaching the ground. In this world, light is of paramount importance. The people who live in the seven towers are almost all Light mages of some sort or another, and are divided into seven orders--from Red up to Violet. Within these colours there are further class divisions, with Violet Shadowlords at the top and Red Dimmers at the bottom. Light, channeled through Sunstones, is made into powerful weapons and tools; using a powerful enough Sunstone, a user can make solid stairways and floors out of light, play a symphony on specially-constructed crystal, or fire off destructive rays. Again, the colour of the light plays a role--generally, Violet is most powerful, but there are also specific colours for specific purposes (Green ray of healing, Red ray of destruction.) Colour and light also signify all sorts of other things; instead of bowing, you give light from your Sunstones, and judging of events is coded by the colour you flash (Yellow ray of failed ambition, Violet of Attainment, White ray of disgust, etc.) People can only use colours in their own level or below; a Green man might use any colour from Red to Green, but not Blue and above.

This seven-way split in class divisions and power is so easy to make artificially perfect--cut-and-dry fantasy, colour-by-numbers fantasy. But like his standalone novel Ragwitch, which deals with the four Elements (an overused motif) both novels are done in a very original way.

For one, the protagonist, Tal, is never really 'in' the social construct of the Seven Towers. He's a boy of the Orange order on the verge of adolescence/adulthood, but his father's disappearance, mother's sickness and familial indifference force him to do desperate (and illegal) acts to try to save his family. In trying to obtain a Primary Sunstone, he falls off the Red Tower and into a society entirely alien to him--Icecarls, the people who live on the ice that covers the world. The series deals a lot with culture clash; Milla, the first Icecarl he meets and his companion in his adventures, is practically Tal's opposite in every way. The simple existence of people outside the Towers is itself shocking to Tal, and the Icecarls have their own brand of magic. Aenir is the spirit world above the Veil, where Sunstones and Spiritshadows (familiars made of shadow) are gathered; this world is like a fantastical version of Earth-with-sunshine, and is a third culture which is totally different from Tal's normal existence.

The supporting cast doesn't quite fall into the nice seven-towers, seven-colours mold either. Tal's parents are out of the picture, so he goes for help to his great-uncle Ebbitt, one of my favourite characters. Ebbitt was once a Indigo Brightblinder but fell all the way down to Red Dimmer, but he's clearly extremely clever. What makes him fun is that he is intermittently absent-minded and mad, completely lost on his own (fascinating yet irrelevant) train of thought. He's also very funny, and provides some of the comic relief in addition to his more standard mentor role. The Spiritshadow that Tal acquires isn't standard, either; he fails to bind it, and the two are more in a mutual partnership than anything else.

Personally I think the fact that these novels don't have an active massive fandom is a crying shame, because I love the worldbuilding so, so, so much. The world of Tal and Milla and Aenir and the Towers are a huge part of what I think of as my favourite type of fantasy. It takes ideas from real life (seven colour spectrum) and transforms it into a world predicated on those ideas--which is then turned upside down and torn apart, like all good novels. With this tenuous connection to the real world, Nix avoids a lot of horrendous weighty info-dumping, which is the bane of my existence when it comes to reading secondary-world fantasy. It's a lot like The Phantom Tollbooth, I think. Certainly the whimsy of The Phantom Tollbooth isn't the same, but there's a certain humour and wryness that is equally charming in all the books. As well, though there are sort of rules about magic, Tal goes off the beaten track quickly, and Nix doesn't overdescribe everything (that tends to take the magic out of it.) Instead, the reader gets to see things from the side instead of head-on--Tal thinks about his life in the Tower, and the things he's seen others do, but he's preoccupied with everything else and the magic remains tantalizingly hinted at.

If you can get your hands on this series, do! They're tiny; you'll finish them in no time. And the world they make is fantastic.
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I totally am one of those fans.

Here's the tag set for Kushiel's Legacy in the upcoming [ profile] rarewomen exchange fest:

Edmee de Rocaille
Jehanne de la Courcel no Cereus
Snow Tiger (Kushiel's Legacy)
Alais de la Courcel
Amarante (Kushiel's Legacy)
Melisande Shahrizai
Moirin (Kushiel's Legacy)
Phedre no Delaunay
Roshana Shahrizai
Sidonie de la Courcel
Ysandre de la Courcel

And all I see are problems in presentation. No, not Edmee de Rocaille - Edmée de Rocaille! The "no" should have an accent aigu - nó Cereus, not no Cereus. Phèdre, not Phedre, because it's supposed to sound like Phaedra. Also technically she inherited Delaunay's estate, and so she has a name there too. Moirin has a matronymic! She doesn't need to be differentiated with brackets, because her full name is Moirin mac Fainche. (Bao, on the other hand, probably does, since he rejects/has never had a father's name.) Amarante has a byname*! AND AND AND AND AND

This one bugs me so much, though it's not in the tag set because he's not a woman, but it's used on AO3:

Imriel de la Courcel

which, nooooooo. You are missing something big! He makes a huge point of his name being Imriel nó Montrève, (de la Courcel), thankyouverymuch. And when I say that, I mean he actually corrects/intercepts people on it - call me Imriel, avoid calling me by my title. A major, "I'm not really that big a fan of House Courcel, I prefer my found family" point, early on. It changes, yeah, but it's important for him! You know, like the point where half the realm is reluctant to want him marked as such because of his heritage? Where he feels angry at Ysandre because Phèdre had to use the Companion's Star? That thing? The nó Montrève is important!

Most of these are not the fault of the person nominating; I think, with the exception of a few like Jehanne, they are all already in the system >:( But I won't get into how AO3 drives me batty with inconsistent everything and "we only let you have the appearance of setting tag names" dance. Because that would take up too much space and has been said eloquently elsewhere.


While I am unsurprised by some of the names (the day when Melisande Shahrizai and Phèdre are not nominated in a woman-centered exchange fest with this fandom, I will happily eat my hat) but I am really happy about some of them. MOIRIN, yes, give me all the fic. With magic, or adventuring, or anything. Someone nominated Jehanne! And Snow Tiger**! Even Edmée! ♥ for all of them. I can't wait for this exchange. I do love Melisande and Phèdre, but I'm excited about maybe getting fic about other characters, too.

*Also, I only noticed this a few months ago, but Carey actually has a bit of language evolution - Phanuel is descended from Amarante, but while she's called Amarante de Namarre, by the time it's gotten down to Phanuel, his last name has become Demarre. Some elision has happened (it is a little awkward to put two alveolar sounds there - /d/ and then /n/, and it's much easier to go from /d/ to /m/ instead) so his surname is recognizably still Amarante's, but plausibly changed over the past hundred years! I live for these details in the world-building, I really do.

**ACTUALLY ALSO, by AO3's admittedly very inconsistent standard, I think her name should actually be Xuě Hǔ | Snow Tiger. Except wait, what do you do with tone sandhi?? Because no one will actually say that (assuming modern pronounciation; I am not sure the language even has tonal contrast yet - dates uncertain.) Xué Hǔ | Snow Tiger, rather. I tried scrolling through media on AO3, but all I saw was Japanese, and also they are really inconsistent, so I'm gonna abandon this one.
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I watched Davis & White's 2010 Olympics free dance, and it was a bit...well, disappointing.

I don't know, it's technically executed beautifully (and dramatically, too; I loved the transitions from the quieter music to the clashing louder one). They're always so very fluid - here's the original dance - but it's just not quite...I can't come up with a better way to say it, because everything is technically so beautifully executed. I love watching them do the movements. But it's not musical, I guess; it's not so much dance as execution, and sometimes - arm movements aside - it looks like they're going through movements. Some of the musical transitions seem to catch them by surprise, or they don't quite pick up on some of the nuances, but perhaps that's just choreography. I guess I like the dance part the best; Davis and White came in second place in the Vancouver Olympics to Virtue and Moir, who had a magical, absolutely magical free dance:

But what I was going to say, before all the movies came up, was that Virtue & Moir have a new free dance, based on Carmen.

Watch the coordination! From 1:42-154 or so, omg. And the last, oh, I don't know, fifteen or twenty seconds is just sdkfl;j, I love their skating.

I mean, look at Baiul jitterbug dancing with Petrenko (singles skater)! I think I grinned throughout the entire dance (and the clothing is priceless too):

She won the 1994 Olympics (as a singles figure skater, not as an ice dancing partner) with a Swan Lake that was more like ballet on ice than anything else [] but she's so versatile - I'm not the biggest fan of ballet, but I love that she can do so many styles.


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