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It's been so busy. Here are the interesting highlights:

*Choir had concert. It went good. Tour is this weekend. I really want to talk about the Poulenc and the Gounod and the Duruflé motets but time. I had three rehearsals in a row, Saturday-Sunday-Monday.
*Archery is having its Christmas shoot, which I think I may have to miss :( I have graduated from 10 meters (yay) to the indoor range's longest, which is 18m. Still working on form.
*I'm tired today and I felt grumpy all day and snapped at a team member. I feel bad, because ugh, not deserved (though really, you're older than me and you're still confused about [redacted]?)
*Seriously, why do people do laundry on Monday evenings? I avoid Sundays,'s negative something outdoors (you have to go in and out of the building to get to the basement), it's a Monday, but this is the second time I've gone downstairs and found it occupied.

For the first time ever I think I'm not going to make this Nanowrimo :( I have almost 12K, I've got a boatload of things I need to do which take precedence (by a huge margin), and my general strategy--"write like the wind on the 30th"--is not viable this year because I'm going to be on tour and well, I'm going to spend my time singing, socializing and running around the city being a tourist. I've never lost before. I really don't want to, but the prospect of trying to put in 38K in the remaining four or five days, on top of everything else, is unfeasible.

So in short, I'm kind of midway between "too tired to really hope" and "D:"

ETA: I forgot. I found a tattoo on tumblr which is what I envisioned the marques would look like, if they were off to the side (I really hate the huge blooming ones on the covers, sorry). It's a picture of a bare back, so sort of NSFW? It looks like apple blossoms to me.
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Nanowrimo stuff, you're all likely inundated with it already )

But, lest you think my life is a horrid frenzy of speedwalking - which sometimes it is, I have improved both my speedwalking and jaywalking skills - I actually live a lovely life. (This is not reflected on my journal.) And I have pictures which I took on Saturday. I found the most delightful, quaint garden on this ramble.

Click for images! Click on images for enlarged images! )

and now I'm for sleep o/
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-30 Celsius today, and with windchill it went into negative forty. Waiting for the bus has become a horrible experience. [especially when you can see that the same route has had two buses come by already, and not even one for you...]

It has been a week of very, very cold temperatures (we used to get these in January? Oh, whyyy?) and also frenetic typing as I attempt to finish my novel. I find that trying to accomplish a big project only provides fuel for other smaller plotbunnies, so my notebook now has another story. (Intriguing, but I really want to finish this story! I mean, start the actual action, since my setting is so very long, and I need to cut it down!) D:
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Erk. Was writing yesterday on Scrivner (I like the notes feature, like how you can reference stuff - keywords and such, but little else) and somehow I simply cannot find that file again. The backup has nothing in it. D:
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Week 1 progress on Nanowrimo: about 1000 words. D:
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(article decrying Nanowrimo). The Quote That Made Me Stop and Gape: the selfless art of reading are being taken over by the narcissistic commerce of writing.


(also, that's a grammar mistake there: it should be "is", because "art" is singular, not plural). Perhaps you should write more?

The concept of having fun. Of taking up wild challenges. Of daring yourself to do something that's not dangerous but still exciting and all that. Do these concepts even register?

Edited to add: and I just got Mercedes Lackey's pep talk in my inbox, and I'm floored that she advised writing fanfiction. Floored. I think there are approximately two professional writers I know of who approve and encourage it. Wow.
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I'm suffering from an Attack of Guilt that comes of completing things late. :( Especially when nice people are concerned. (Fic only half-finished *cough* six days past deadline *hack**wheeze*) Also, completely and thoroughly sick of writing about myself. I hate it when the application questions ask "tell me about your greatest achievements!" *mutters* I don't like talking about myself. I always feel horribly arrogant and I don't know whether or not to inject humour (I mean, what if they take it the wrong way?! Then what will I do?! Eee?!) Anyway. That is my life at the moment.

On the 'uh oh' side of things: I have no idea what I'm going to do for Nano. Some people, I wager, have a plot synopsis written out. I'd like to get a cover, but I'm afraid I have neither the gumption nor the idea for my novel. (I am not an organized writer. Proof: see excessive use of parentheses).

Last note: I would like to humbly request from any deity that is listening or reading this for some kind of control valve for mucus production. The hacking cough my cold has gifted me with is not pleasant and I am depleting the building of Kleenex. Thank you very much.
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I have the greatest admiration for the people who faithfully post everyday. It amazes me that they can continually think of new things to write eloquently or humorously about--especially humor. I'm sure half of the English-speaking population knows this, but is updated everyday (just about, until very recently) and the blogger Jen is unfailingly funny and ready to pun you into oblivion.

My pitiful resolution, formed somewhere in the middle of February, was to post everyday. I know that more than 59% (that's just a random number, by the way) of it will be utter garbage which I will wince at later (I can't believe I wrote this stuff! And posted it!) but that kind of lack-of-constancy is not doing anything for my writing skills. The reason I enjoyed Nanowrimo so much (other than to simply push my inner editor out of the door) was that it put a deadline and a definite word count. And that forced me to write, and write, and write.

So, good, bad, or ugly posts are coming onto my journal, for at least 350 or so days. Some of them, I can already foresee, are going to be long-winded, completely disorganized rambles; others will be terse and snappish; a couple more rants are coming (*cough* pro-choice and the definition of choice). Stay tuned and brace yourself...whichever you prefer.
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And it was like running a marathon. Except with my fingers on the keyboard, of course.
I now have the urge to stop writing fiction (for the time being, at least) and start writing some prose. My brain feels tired of trying to hold all of the characters' personalities, plot lines, and things together.

Speaking of which, I must edit that sorry excuse for a manuscript. Later, though. I haven't the heart now.


Nov. 26th, 2009 06:21 pm
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Still hammering out words. No posts. All creative energy drained out of person.
Goodbye until December 1.


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