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dear mucus-producing cells in my esophagus:

why are you so mean? and would you please have a conversation with my lungs, about the coughing?

with no great love,

I think that taking a six-hour nap today was a mistake. I always feel like I'm rising from the dead when I do that. D:
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Irrelevant thought of the day: I wish whoever'd come up with the Happy Birthday song had chosen a less acrobatic song. I'm talking about the octave leap on the third Happy Birthday (and not that there's not build-up; first there's a perfect fourth jump, and then a perfect fifth jump, and then oh my God there's a whole octave!) Most people manage to miss the note entirely. Not to mention the minor sixth that appears later.
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Because many people plainly don't get it, here's an analogy that hopefully they can grasp. If not, there is a serious problem which is beyond my power to rectify or help in any way.
To borrow it from someone's lovely post (author, unfortunately, forgotten; if you do find them, please pm me):

If someone steps on my foot and it hurts, I am going to say: "OW!" And the harder they step on my foot, the louder I will shout it. OW, OW, OW. I'm not at the moment concerned with the delicate ears of the other person, because OW their stomping hurts and no I will not be quiet.

If that person continues to stay on my foot, I'm going to try to dislodge said person, because it hurts. It's not hurting you. It's hurting me.

When people say: "That's offensive, and x, y, z is why," it's not because they want to hurt you. It's because it's hurting them.

Why people who take my culture and twist it to suit their needs can't understand this, I don't know. OW. Go away. If I've linked you to this post after an argument/discussion/feeble parody of a discusion of racism, I invite you to educate yourself and read through this.

War may be inevitable, oppression may be inevitable, but @$#%^ no I am not going to take it lying down.  *snarl*

'pologies to f-list, who don't need this.

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18 is not a magical number.

My legal studies teacher joked (with a dead-straight face, too) that the morning that we turned eighteen, a light bulb would go off in our heads and we'd know everything. Judging from how things are set up in Canada and the US, apparently eighteen is the year in which all the worldly knowledge that's missing in children but present in adults is received. In that fateful, life-changing night, I suppose.

[livejournal.com profile] fanficrants has been labelled Explicit Adult Concepts with no warning to the mods or the community. It is their prerogative and I'm guessing they did it to cover any possible loopholes so that there isn't litigation.

I hope that they recognize, though, that it's a) not good to alienate your customers and b) that age isn't a surefire way to measure maturity. I know that my writing doesn't reflect my age, and I'm quite sure that one person at age 15 is probably better at dealing than another at 50; being a minor does not mean one is an idiot. If I know that I don't want to read squicky stuff--and it's clearly marked, LJ-cut, and warned for in header and cut--I scroll past.

I've made an account on dreamwidth, partly because of this and partially because of the various stupidities that have been arising recently. Not listening to people? Privacy violations? The various mess-ups on the "Writer's Block" (including one that almost but not quite equated transsexuals to crime?) 

I've made friends and been involved in communities on LJ, though, and I like the formatting and am comfortable with how it all works. But really, LJ, I'm slowly losing my patience. The bulk of my posting will likely still be here, and if necessary I'll cross-post.
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I would wish that I was happy with whatever happened or whatever I had, since I can't predict the future and know what wish x, y, or z would do. That being said, wishes are dangerous things. I'm glad that not all my throwaway wishes that just come out of my mouth become true.
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Heh heh. Um.

While some people may not be exactly up on their history (I point you to a giggle-worthy [livejournal.com profile] fanficrants post, where the OP ran across someone writing a Tudor character texting on a cellphone [and it wasn't crackfic, apparently]) let me tell you, there are some people who are.

For instance, though 9/11 was nearly ten years ago,  jokes about it are in bad taste as far as most people are concerned. I don't think we have the necessary distance required to make a cartoon about Marie Antoinette losing her head amusing (and even now it's a little horrifying. Reign of Terror=do not want.)

Please, then, refrain from using your "Heil Grammar" icon with Hitler saluting on it. I don't care if it's in SPARKLY RAINBOW and it's supposed to be a light jab at the colloquialism "Grammar Nazi", WWII was not that long ago. My family was not persecuted for arbitrary reasons and weren't even in the same hemisphere (let's not talk about Japan for now), but even I can tell that stuff like that is pretty offensive.

You can laugh it off and say "Oh, it's just a 100x100 pixel picture for God's sake, stop whining and making it a big deal," except I have this little problem with it.

Are you honest to goodness comparing spelling and grammar to Nazi-era Germany? 

Thank you for your time, and hoping that you wisen up after that dogpile,
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Bill C-232 is now up for debate in the Senate. This bill, which can be searched for by Google would make it mandatory for Supreme Court justices to be bilingual.

In case you don't know, Quebec is one of the provinces, and they speak French (technically, Quebecois, since their version of French is not quite the same as Parisian French anymore). Quebec is also, interestingly, the only place in all of North America where French is spoken, owing to the French loss to the British way back during the Seven Years' War, in the eighteenth century. In consequence, I think the people of Quebec try to really guard their language and customs; they are, after all, in a sea of anglophones.

As far as federal policies go, all federal employees must be bilingual--even if they're Canada Parks rangers way out in the West, or people in the Parliament. All the websites of federal programs and so on can be accessed in French or English; the Prime Minister occasionally debates with other party leaders in French. Legislative work in Ottawa are published in both languages.

However, the farther you move away from Quebec (and New Brunswick, which is the only other province that mandates bilingualism in even the smaller courts), the fewer francophones you will meet. This is especially true for Western Canada (I'm defining this as Manitoba and west); there are few prominent francophone communities, and usually French is learned in schools. Western Canada is primarily anglophone.

And so this bill. I'm on the fence as to whether it's justified or whether we should implement them (being an anglophone, I realize I have privilege in being able to hear court cases in English). I'm not sure that I could really make a judgement on that, and I'm glad that I'm not going to decide this. I do have to say this, though: the application pool is already quite small to select Supreme Court justices from. There aren't all that many people who have the qualifications and the inclination to be a judge; by passing Bill C-232, that will shrink the pool even further.

And the bill won't shrink the pool evenly. No, Western Canada will be hit hardest, because honest to goodness the French culture is simply not here. You walk out onto the street every day of your life, and you will never be required to know French. A lot of kids opt out of learning French.

There's already grumbling from the West that they aren't being represented properly (if you like, take a look at equalization payments, how much Alberta is paying Quebec, and how Quebec is whining about Alberta. /annoyed). Alberta especially pays a great deal towards the East. This is not going to help the East-West division, superficial though it may seem. Citizens who appeal to the Supreme Court (or just have their cases tried there) are allowed to plead in either English or French; translators are used. Furthermore, three of the nine judges must be from the Quebec court; I'm not going to get into how this isn't representation by population, but whatever.

Even bigger of a problem is the familiarity one must have with a language to be a competent Supreme Court justice. It takes  years to become competent in the legal language of one's first language; imagine the time it'd take to acquire it in both. Even supposing you were fully bilingual, from childhood, and understood the nuances of both English and French, you would still need to learn it in both.

In summation: both sides, argh. I'm not too hopeful for this one.

tl;dr Bill C-232--not gonna be pretty, whichever way it goes.
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I hate the fact that the more you know you need to sleep now, the more likely you are going to stay up late. Until, of course, you're exhausted, and eventually drift off.

-off to sleep-
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You know that feeling of whatever, who cares? It applies to books, too; right now, specifically to Key Lime Pie Murder.
Fluke is not a bad author. She writes a solid enough book. And that's about it. Her character is like a Mary Sue with an extra dose of stupidity (when you think there's a murderer on the midway with you, killing someone, the appropriate reaction is not to look for the victim). The book follows a predictable arc. The protagonist changes not one iota, even though I should think finding a murder victim would be traumatizing! Apparently not. I thought (because the cover looked interesting) that maybe her books had sold well enough to merit a good cover. I don't know. But it is definitely not a "good" book. Solid, yes. "Respectable", yes. I think maybe "whatever" is the right epithet.
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Hey, you! Yeah, you! I have a present for you.

Do you know what I've got in my hand? It's the one of the breakthroughs of modern science. It's a period. A full stop. And look at it! Isn't it cute?

Normally, I'd sell it to you for--oh, maybe a dollar. But you know what? The Punctuation and Inc. are running a promotion. That's right, a promotion, so you can get them for a quarter. That's right, folks, twenty-five cents. Almost free.

No, it's okay, they won't hurt you! Here, I'll put one in your hand--and no, they don't bite. Really.

You know where these little things like to be? In writing. I mean, they simply love being in a writing--especially if it's famous! Or e posted on the Internet, even. Doesn't even need to be a professional author.

Oh, and one more thing, 'cuz I think you deserve to know. Did you know that the period has a whole family? No? Really? Oh, let me introduce them to you. Here's the question mark--isn't he adorable? All squiggly and questioning. And here's the comma--he's like the family dog, keeping the sheep together--that is, if you had sheep. And look here; I've got a rare species. It's called an apostrophe. They used to be quite common, you know. There aren't very many left--they're a pretty limited edition. And here's a set of brackets--very useful, I must say. If you look, you can see one of the dashes trying to run away. Hey, get back here!

So, if you want a sample of a Limited Edition of the Punctuation Marks Kit (R), visit the site www.savepunctuation.com NOW for the special offer! All fanfic writers get a discount!

With great affection,
The Punctuation and Inc. Employees


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