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Hi flist! I am still here. Just not updating often right now. (I am about to enter the busiest part of the year.)

The last week or so, in point form )
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I'd just like to say thank you to whoever tagged all the code tours. dw-dev is chock full of posts, and tagging made it easy to search. (Also, [personal profile] azurelunatic, your curry commentary made me so hungry.)

NOTE: I started by referencing code tours, then discovered that haha, the bugs are linked difectly in bugzilla (and I have actually have access [!?]). So some of them refer directly to the correct bug and others don't.

also I read through something like fifty tours in one day, so it is totally posible that I missed things. Please comment if you noticed something!

Fixed iframe for YouTube

Clear answers from poll

Drafts save icons/subject heading, too

Comm admins can open/close polls

reminder to self: retag with "dw support" after people have a chance to look through.
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My to-read pile (the physical one, not the mental one that stretches faaaar into the horizon) is becoming absurd. In addition to the rest of W&P, there is an intriguing book about van Rijn (knows ~nothing about art history), several nonfiction about Cicero and fall of Republic, a YA fantasy The Exiled Queen, and I still have yet to finish Atlas Shrugged. Which I started months ago. Added to this pile of books is the second and third discs of the second season of In Plain Sight, practices for everything (at the moment, the only night/afternoon I have free is Sunday) and February is busy. On top of that I do not feel very productive. Edited a FAQ today, did other minor things, but still. I feel as though I should be much more focused than I am.

Did you know LJ has a to-do list feature? Unfortunately, if you are a Plus user, you can't set security (everything is public). Still, that's nifty; I don't think it's well documented, which may be why there seems to be little awareness that such a thing exists.

I am accumulating so much knowledge (read: trivia) from answering Support requests. I am quite fine with my one userpic on LiveJournal and have no desire to add others, but I am now more or less an expert on how à la carte userpics work; I had no idea syndicated feeds existed for LJ/DW and, uh, now I know how do look for date out of order entries with them; did you know that you can forward your domain to LJ? or banning makes it impossible for the banned to comment, but not unfriend them?...some days I feel like the interior of my brain is a library of semi-organized trivia.

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Feb. 8th, 2011 11:54 pm
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I'm editing the FAQs for DW's journal entries right now.

Anything that bothers you (that's not covered in the bottom-most post)? Anything you've ever wanted fixed, changed, or thought was unclear? Any of the edited FAQs where you think I should have done something else? (the last post is the reference point). Thanks!
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Mainly to avoid spamming denise on dw_docs. Things got more organized the more I typed. THINGS ARE LINKED LIKE EVERYWHERE BECAUSE OTHERWISE THIS WOULD BE WILDLY OUT OF HAND.

Things I noticed: (also I have come from LJ and have extensively used the FAQ for support and typed these up as notes, so if it's incomprehensible, tell me and I'll clarify) (also is quite long) )

And the FAQs to be edited )
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I've finally satisfied my urge to completely! go! bonkers! over tagging. Tagging with colons to form wonderful little straight subheading thingies on dw (I am very pleased with the multi-level list thingy), tagging for what I can see I might write - organization! ZOMG . (Sadly, not for this journal. I don't think I could stand going through that many entries, and suppose I added more tags! It would never end.) I realize I like this compartmentalization of stuff I anticipate will be unwieldy. I hate having all my writing scattered on my computer - they're in one folder, mostly, but chapters are split up, there's no way to tell what's going on, and they're all labelled differently.
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Hi! Welcome to my journal! I like books and words and languages and all sorts of things. If you like books, we'll probably get along splendidly. This journal is a mix of fannish and bookish and real-life stuff, but in general I keep this journal lighthearted, as a place to have fun--this is where I relax, chat with people, and do silly things. My favourite genres of books are historical fiction, fantasy, alternate history, historical fantasy, science fiction... Come in, pull up a chair!

Let me be terribly earnest for a moment: I like Aquinas' quote "Seldom affirm, never deny, always distinguish." I believe truth is complex, that slogans rarely express the complexities that underlie them, and that when possible I should try to understand why before attacking. There are terrible people, terrible beliefs, terrible things, but merely shouting about "wrongness" has rarely worked. (I am atheist, but I remain fascinated by medieval Europe, the role Christianity had in shaping that society and ours today, and I enjoy Aquinas' logic and writing.)

My reviews/critiques tend to be whatever catches my fancy, but I am not interested in defending what I like on anyone's merits. I also consider this place a space for me, the reader: reviews I write represent only my point of view, are for other readers, and are not intended to be personal attacks.

LiveJournal is my home--my LJ is the same name. Everything on DW is on LJ, but not the other way around.

If you need to contact me, my address will reach me.
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This diversity statement on dreamwidth makes me feel so hopeful. That maybe some people get it.

My favorite statement: we believe it's possible for people of all viewpoints and persuasions to come together and learn from each other. We believe in the broad spectrum of human experience.

And also this: You're not demographic groups. You're people.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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18 is not a magical number.

My legal studies teacher joked (with a dead-straight face, too) that the morning that we turned eighteen, a light bulb would go off in our heads and we'd know everything. Judging from how things are set up in Canada and the US, apparently eighteen is the year in which all the worldly knowledge that's missing in children but present in adults is received. In that fateful, life-changing night, I suppose.

[ profile] fanficrants has been labelled Explicit Adult Concepts with no warning to the mods or the community. It is their prerogative and I'm guessing they did it to cover any possible loopholes so that there isn't litigation.

I hope that they recognize, though, that it's a) not good to alienate your customers and b) that age isn't a surefire way to measure maturity. I know that my writing doesn't reflect my age, and I'm quite sure that one person at age 15 is probably better at dealing than another at 50; being a minor does not mean one is an idiot. If I know that I don't want to read squicky stuff--and it's clearly marked, LJ-cut, and warned for in header and cut--I scroll past.

I've made an account on dreamwidth, partly because of this and partially because of the various stupidities that have been arising recently. Not listening to people? Privacy violations? The various mess-ups on the "Writer's Block" (including one that almost but not quite equated transsexuals to crime?) 

I've made friends and been involved in communities on LJ, though, and I like the formatting and am comfortable with how it all works. But really, LJ, I'm slowly losing my patience. The bulk of my posting will likely still be here, and if necessary I'll cross-post.


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