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1. If you wish to make an argument and also would to preface with a disclaimer that you are not talking about x, or that you understand y,

2. then your subsequent argument should not make me doubt that you understand y. In fact, if you find that you disclaim z and then override this again and again in your argument, it's not very persuasive.

2a e.g.: I KNOW that x is OK, but x is wrong wrong wrong. What are readers reading into rapefic? It can be rape fantasy, not evidence that everyone believes rape=love is true.) Question of the day: why are there always so many rants started "I know about rape fantasy, YKINMK etc." but then quickly devolve into "Rape fantasy is icky and gross and harmful!"

At least make your argument make sense, please. I can't even argue with you because you've muddled it all up first. I have no idea what you're trying to say, and I haven't the patience to try to go through. Either disclaim m, or don't.


If it's okay with all the historians on the planet, I'd like to move the dates of the Seven Years' War up about fifteen years. I need some way to kill off an OC (convincingly) so that the dragon Praecursoris can meet Choiseul properly. Anyone else have suggestions...?
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Link to misogyny and ignorance. Click with caution.

I made it halfway down the first page of comments and then gave up.

My reaction, helpfully summarized:
DEAR EVERYONE ON THE PLANET (minus those already armed with The Clues):

1. Words have meaning.

2. Words have two types of meanings: one is a dictionary (or scientific, or otherwise defined meaning). There is a second meaning, connotation. These are associations attached to words.

3. Generally connotations are the most important.

4. Pulling dictionary definitions when people are clearly talking about the connotations is neither helpful nor clever.

5. We are not separate from our history. Even if you think there's no misogyny in your world*, by using words that historically** carry misogynistic intent to describe someone you don't like, you are using the term in a way that is misogynistic. Even if you don't mean it. I'm sorry, this is the legacy we've been handed down with.

6. Live with the awareness that yes, while you wish you could totally throw around "whore" and "bitch" and all the rest without worrying about PC POLICE***, don't.

7. For the last time, the history is why words like "dick" do not garner such reactions. No, really. You're not pointing out anything that has not been brought up before in these conversations.

8. Please for the love of all that is holy stop telling anyone they're overreacting or oversensitive.

9. If you know nothing about this issue, I would advise your library or Google or another person who knows you well and this issue.

10. This applies wonderfully to just about any -ism you can think of; just change some of the words! 


**They still do, by the way.
***Someone forgot to send me the uniform, obviously; I still don't have any weapons for these things...

tl;dr: *puts head on desk and thinks of happy thing*

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I saw this post come up this morning. I thought: "OK, it's not horribly bad; it looks like the OP, after some comments, could see why this is offensive and maybe it'll be okay!" This is the text of the OP's post, in case it gets taken down.

... )

I gave up trying to read the twisting comments of the OP after awhile. But seeing [ profile] saciel start to pull out the tone argument--again and again and AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN--I...I...I don't know. I remember zie from the last time [ profile] fanficrants went and got into a huge racefail, but seeing so many people--half-a-dozen, at least--try to explain, again and again, PATIENTLY AND CALMLY (Oh my God, the irony) why zie was wrong, it didn't sink in. And so all I can repeat is OW OW OW.

ETA: There's actually quite a nice little summation by [ profile] lil_utterance about why this post's comments are so very faily. Here.
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I'm goggling at the wank that's being rehashed over at [ profile] ffrantsrants (the place to rant about [ profile] fanficrants ) and oh my God, I can't believe they're back again. There's simply no words to describe it. Holy cow, I thought they'd left for good--apparently not.

fandom_wank has a good round up, and so does [ profile] sf_drama  (sorry, no link). I can't believe it. Here's one of the first posts in [ profile] ffrantsrants , and a massive thing on [ profile] ffrantsanon 's journal: here. I share this with you because I'm stupefied that anyone would actually carry a grudge that far. :(

First Post

Jun. 9th, 2010 10:21 pm
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I am on dreamwidth partially because of the sudden change of fanficrants to explicit adult content (and blocked off to 18+ only), and also partly because I'm starting to feel that LJ is becoming more and more...insensitive, perhaps? Reneging on their privacy policies, and not really responding.

I think the bulk of my posting will still be at my LJ account (, and this account will probably be just a place for me to access other communities. However, you'll know when LJ finally pushes me too far--my dreamwidth account will fill up with posts.

Thanks again to [personal profile] jalendavi_lady  for the invite codes.

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18 is not a magical number.

My legal studies teacher joked (with a dead-straight face, too) that the morning that we turned eighteen, a light bulb would go off in our heads and we'd know everything. Judging from how things are set up in Canada and the US, apparently eighteen is the year in which all the worldly knowledge that's missing in children but present in adults is received. In that fateful, life-changing night, I suppose.

[ profile] fanficrants has been labelled Explicit Adult Concepts with no warning to the mods or the community. It is their prerogative and I'm guessing they did it to cover any possible loopholes so that there isn't litigation.

I hope that they recognize, though, that it's a) not good to alienate your customers and b) that age isn't a surefire way to measure maturity. I know that my writing doesn't reflect my age, and I'm quite sure that one person at age 15 is probably better at dealing than another at 50; being a minor does not mean one is an idiot. If I know that I don't want to read squicky stuff--and it's clearly marked, LJ-cut, and warned for in header and cut--I scroll past.

I've made an account on dreamwidth, partly because of this and partially because of the various stupidities that have been arising recently. Not listening to people? Privacy violations? The various mess-ups on the "Writer's Block" (including one that almost but not quite equated transsexuals to crime?) 

I've made friends and been involved in communities on LJ, though, and I like the formatting and am comfortable with how it all works. But really, LJ, I'm slowly losing my patience. The bulk of my posting will likely still be here, and if necessary I'll cross-post.
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Heh heh. Um.

While some people may not be exactly up on their history (I point you to a giggle-worthy [ profile] fanficrants post, where the OP ran across someone writing a Tudor character texting on a cellphone [and it wasn't crackfic, apparently]) let me tell you, there are some people who are.

For instance, though 9/11 was nearly ten years ago,  jokes about it are in bad taste as far as most people are concerned. I don't think we have the necessary distance required to make a cartoon about Marie Antoinette losing her head amusing (and even now it's a little horrifying. Reign of Terror=do not want.)

Please, then, refrain from using your "Heil Grammar" icon with Hitler saluting on it. I don't care if it's in SPARKLY RAINBOW and it's supposed to be a light jab at the colloquialism "Grammar Nazi", WWII was not that long ago. My family was not persecuted for arbitrary reasons and weren't even in the same hemisphere (let's not talk about Japan for now), but even I can tell that stuff like that is pretty offensive.

You can laugh it off and say "Oh, it's just a 100x100 pixel picture for God's sake, stop whining and making it a big deal," except I have this little problem with it.

Are you honest to goodness comparing spelling and grammar to Nazi-era Germany? 

Thank you for your time, and hoping that you wisen up after that dogpile,
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OK. To those whining about ficwriters not doing research, please take a breath.

Exhale, then inhale again.

Then consider this: if you think you know something (that is unfortunately wrong) you're not going to go research it. Truly. If you think that loam is a gritty sort of sand, you're not going to look it up! You are under the (mistaken) impression you're right, so you just add the word in where silt might be better.

Some of these facts are not well known. Would someone outside of Canada (heck, Saskatchewan) know that "bunny hug" is sometimes used for "hoodie" or "sweatshirt"? I doubt it; I didn't know until I met someone from Saskatchewan who told me. Who would bother to research things like "the tea that one drinks in X city" unless it was a plot point? There are some points that just are so insignificant, you'd never think to research them at all.

Also, the internet is not only North America. The writers do not come exclusively from Europe. They are not one and all from Eurasia, from Africa, from South America, from anywhere. The internet reaches just about everywhere, and writers are everywhere. Therefore, the words that you use are sometimes (often) used differently elsewhere.

And lastly: Mistakes Are Not Made On Purpose To Spite You. Just because you're frustrated at being thrown out of a fic (irritating, yes, and maybe rant-worthy) doesn't mean that the author did it on purpose.

Keep breathing.

Note: all fake examples. I've never heard anyone mention bunny hugs on the internet, come to think of it...
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Sometimes I think we're too hard on the fanfic writers out there.

Cut for length )
tl;dr: Go easy on them, for once.
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I have slowly been making my way through Racefail 09, of last year. And it is disgusting that I find on [ profile] fanficrants the same arguments, the same excuses and "I'M NOT RACIST STOP PICKING ON ME" attitudes that were hashed and rehashed last year brought up all over again.

Here is one statement that I found enlightening. "There ARE no races [swear] (at least that is our stance in europe, I know some us-americans heart and embrace races) so why should it matter what color I am?" I've taken out the swearword because this journal is not closed in any way, but that is otherwise the quote, word for word.

Biologically? Yes, there may not be a distinction between races. Maybe in physiology, there is no difference.

But this has absolutely no bearing on a discussion of racism, because all it does is tell people who are trying to speak up that their issues are worthless. You do not eradicate racism this way. Differences in humans may not exist scientifically, but they exist in my society, in your society. Stop trying to silence people.

It's not easy, nor is it painless to be called a racist. But maybe you ought to reflect before replying: "Am I coming off as racist? Did I mean what I say?" If what they said was untrue, move on. Don't go down in a flounce.

If you have the right to say blatantly racist statements (not the above, though it's coming close), then I have the right to say that you're being racist, and to STOP NOW. Free speech runs both ways.
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There is a reason why I ought to really stop reading [ profile] fanficrants  and its affiliate [ profile] ffrantsrants , and that's because I think the top of my head is about to explode because of anger. This time, it's this lovely statement. turns the act of writing from "Entertaining others doing something I like" to "Doing something I want."

And I sat back and wondered if hopefully this was a troll, not a real person. Excuse me? Doing something you want--here, writing--is no longer a valid thing for fanfiction? Oh, thanks for the heads-up. Not to mention the complicated reasoning (at this point, I'm not sure if it's even logical) that it's somehow now 'intellectually dishonest' to post stories for yourself alone. Not to mention having a typo per sentence, which didn't sit well with your pseudo-intellectual arguments and vocabulary.

Now, if you'll excuse me, dear ranter, I have to go find something less woefully misguided to read. Aaargh!

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I think it's the drama and the not infrequent cat-fights that erupt on [ profile] fanficrants that makes me follow it. That site requires extremely clipped thoughts, or else you'll provoke someone into throwing down the gauntlet and all but challenging you to a duel. Look for the entries that have at least 100 comments added; that's where you'll find the real controversial things. And it's not always blatant over-generalizations, or wrong thoughts; sometimes the fight erupts over a single sentence.

Then again, it might just be because I wrote (write?) fanfiction, a long time ago; I have the sinking feeling that someday my fic will end up being the source of one of those rants.


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