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I wrote two fics this year and received two. I defaulted and didn't think I'd get any, so I couldn't believe my luck. You should read my gift fics, if you're in the Old Kingdom fandom! I have two adventure/exploration fics for Lirael and the Disreputable Dog, as they go exploring in the great Clayr library: After Hours by the_antichris and Discoveries to Share by Sheeana.

I wrote A Sea Change (2,868 words) for Phantom ([personal profile] rosabelle) which is fork-in-the-road AU for Jehanne/Moirin, and which I think is pretty unsurprising (I felt extremely not-anon during the entire exchange). I JUST THINK THAT JEHANNE SHOULDN'T HAVE SPOILER ). They are so gorgeous together. Yeah. Not over it. Never over it.

I think Jehanne is really quite perceptive when it comes to people. I wonder if this is why Daniel loved her so much. I want to write something pre-Kiss about Jehanne and Daniel and Raphael, actually.

I also wrote Traveller's Lodging (620 words) for kaesa ([ profile] kaesa) for Madness. I got to this point and then went "oh no but how do I keep going". I have to think of some way of reorganizing things so I can keep going!

Conclusion: more research is in order. Also as I was writing this I was researching early medieval Europe which is a very different thing and it was all...14th century! Focus on England! Oh noes!

I would like to say right now that I HATE TITLES. I shall start a Society for the Abrogation of Titles. Or Titles Anonymous, for writers suffering from the terribleness of trying to pick a title. For A Sea Change all I could think of was a pun (and I'm so sorry--but hey I used title case! It was even more pretentious before!) and as for kaesa's, I literally ran out of time and had to slap the most terribad title on. Yeah, about that...


2013 writing, including one statistic! I couldn't resist. )
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Hello flist I hope you've been having a good day I HAVE TWO YULETIDE GIFTS

I went to bed thinking, "Tomorrow I get to open my gift!" and this morning SUDDENLY THERE WERE TWO



both of them were awesome adventure fics. Which is what I ask for all the time (I would like to hereby apologize to any of my writers who saw my requests and were like "...WHY NO PAIRING") and omg here are two of them!

Here is the first:

After Hours (1590 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Old Kingdom - Garth Nix
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Lirael (Old Kingdom), The Disreputable Dog

Lirael does some late-night research. The Disreputable Dog helps.

and the equally awesome second:

Discoveries to Share (1515 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Old Kingdom - Garth Nix
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Lirael (Old Kingdom), The Disreputable Dog
Additional Tags: Friendship

One evening shortly after her seventeenth birthday, Lirael and the Dog go on a minor adventure together in the Library.

Both casefic with Lirael and the Disreputable Dog exploring the crazy, intricate, half-disused, massive Clayr library. Go check them out! :D
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Poetry: On [community profile] poetry [personal profile] thegorgon posted Why a Man Cannot Have Wings by Afian bin Sa'at. It was in response to the many Icarus poems that have been circulating in the community for the last few days:

Full text under cut )

If you follow the link I commented and said I liked the poem, but I read it (another three or four times) and now I completely disagree.

This makes me sound like a silly optimist, but how is "but then people will use it to hurt you" a good justification against flying? Do you remember when it was 1999 and people were making predictions and, well, I do, I still have a book put together by students K-12 over what they thought would happen in 2020 and so many of them drew and wrote flying cars, new worlds, new technology. I mean, maybe we should stop making implants because then people will tear them out. Or we should stop making medicines because someone might steal them. Or we should stop making beautiful clothes because people will steal them. And put together sumptuary laws to prop up existing social divisions. Etc.

I don't believe that answering a question, making dreams reality, ever erodes dreams. (I see this argument in science/religion debates, to be honest.) We fly in planes, but people still dream of flying--not only wings but they fly in gliders, in hang-gliders, in parachutes, in all sorts of really scary things. We've been to the moon but people dream of going to space. When has discovering a new species, a new place, a new archaeological site, ever stopped others from dreaming of others? Dreams aren't a finite resource. Making a dream a reality doesn't mean you never dream again--you step onto that new block and reach for higher dreams.

There's an argument here to do with destructive technology and responsibility but flying? Come on.

I did like his comment about everything being a metaphor for the Fall of Man.


Fic: So I investigated the Georgina Kincaid fics on FFN and sadly there was nothing that I really wanted (I didn't read the last book because I knew what was going to happen with Seth and I'm really meh on him. The most interesting part about him was his sister and his nieces. They were really cute.) I need to remember to request this for yuletide.

In Kiesha'ra--ok, it's enormous! It's got 200 fic! I don't remember there being so many! But then I realized that I started in 2009 and if you go back, yeah, it's been four years, people have added more. The main types of fic people have written are:
  • Mary-Sue/self-insert fic. I am inexplicably fond of these. I mean, I didn't click on any of them advertising stuff like Olivia's long-lost wyvern-falcon-wolf sister fics, but it makes me happy to know they're there. A flourishing fandom should have Mary Sue fic, and drabbles, and pointless gen meanders, and ultra-tropey yet satisfying fic. They're not what you want if you want "the continued adventures of", but that's what fans do.
  • Retelling fics! Ahh, I remember these. I read one that narrated Hawksong from Zane's POV and I knew it was WIP (last updated: 2011) so I mean, I knew in advance, but I was still sad. Especially since, in the words of the author, she was just getting to the good part! I don't think this fandom really has the momentum to write the really big sort of fic--and I mean the fic that fills a lot of backstory, goes far into the future and past, leaves canon retellings behind and not size--but I enjoyed it way more than I should have.
  • I also found a bizarro fic in there about oranges, which I think you should all totally click on. It has 5 reviews, and 4 out of 5 are all (to varying degrees of politeness) asking what on earth it's doing in the category. No, it's got nothing to do with Kiesha'ra.
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So a couple of weeks ago Amazon announced that they are allowing the sale of fan-written fiction (fanfic, fanfiction, fic, ficcies1, etc) for select fandoms through their site. Here is the announcement:

A lot of people have talked about this. I found out on f_fa, thought that someone was pulling my leg, but nope, it's true. Here is Scalzi's thoughts on it, which come from the perspective of someone who has been published and knows a little about contracts for writing, more than fic writers probably do:

Right, so I'm not even going to touch the fan side of it, except to boggle: I can't believe it's happening! Just like I was surprised at the mainstream-ing of Fifty Shades of Grey, I can't believe that fic is getting out there like that. Holy cow!

No, my main thought is: who's buying2?

Like I said, I don't get where it's coming from )


1 *giggle*

2 In case you ever wanted to know, yes I do spend a lot of time learning/thinking/talking about economics.
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1. If you wish to make an argument and also would to preface with a disclaimer that you are not talking about x, or that you understand y,

2. then your subsequent argument should not make me doubt that you understand y. In fact, if you find that you disclaim z and then override this again and again in your argument, it's not very persuasive.

2a e.g.: I KNOW that x is OK, but x is wrong wrong wrong. What are readers reading into rapefic? It can be rape fantasy, not evidence that everyone believes rape=love is true.) Question of the day: why are there always so many rants started "I know about rape fantasy, YKINMK etc." but then quickly devolve into "Rape fantasy is icky and gross and harmful!"

At least make your argument make sense, please. I can't even argue with you because you've muddled it all up first. I have no idea what you're trying to say, and I haven't the patience to try to go through. Either disclaim m, or don't.


If it's okay with all the historians on the planet, I'd like to move the dates of the Seven Years' War up about fifteen years. I need some way to kill off an OC (convincingly) so that the dragon Praecursoris can meet Choiseul properly. Anyone else have suggestions...?
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I'm suffering from an Attack of Guilt that comes of completing things late. :( Especially when nice people are concerned. (Fic only half-finished *cough* six days past deadline *hack**wheeze*) Also, completely and thoroughly sick of writing about myself. I hate it when the application questions ask "tell me about your greatest achievements!" *mutters* I don't like talking about myself. I always feel horribly arrogant and I don't know whether or not to inject humour (I mean, what if they take it the wrong way?! Then what will I do?! Eee?!) Anyway. That is my life at the moment.

On the 'uh oh' side of things: I have no idea what I'm going to do for Nano. Some people, I wager, have a plot synopsis written out. I'd like to get a cover, but I'm afraid I have neither the gumption nor the idea for my novel. (I am not an organized writer. Proof: see excessive use of parentheses).

Last note: I would like to humbly request from any deity that is listening or reading this for some kind of control valve for mucus production. The hacking cough my cold has gifted me with is not pleasant and I am depleting the building of Kleenex. Thank you very much.

I <3 AO3.

Oct. 2nd, 2010 08:36 pm
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This is backdated (date: October 4, 2010) to keep the signal boost on top.

I posted a story on AO3. My reaction: ♥ ♥ ♥

You may consider this as my official squee post for AO3.

Having struggled with's !@#%^&* method--especially the really dumb way of uploading documents, as in it's hard to edit in author's notes in later, have to manually add scene breaks after the asterisks disappear--it's so amazing. Edits can be done on the same page (ZOMG). Character pairings, not just character tags (but has added the latter, which is nice). You can add trigger warnings! (actually, favorite part about this, since I don't write triggery: it forces authors to either declare their triggers or 'choose not to warn'). Adding author notes! Control over who sees it! Even different skins! A mod-system that's talking to the users!

Don't know much about OTW, as I haven't been really involved in that corner of fandom for a long time--the only reason I've discovered AO3 is because of the help_pakistan effort--but for AO3 alone, they deserve a boatload of internets.
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I was going to post a feel-happy, look-a-pretty-book, isn't life wonderful? sort of post. I suppose not. I bring this to you because the person in question was ignorant, and that's the last time I ever want anyone to use that excuse for racism again.

If you're not in fandom, you might've missed this. An author posts a story set in Haiti during the earthquake, accompanied by really, really cringe-inducing portrayals of actual Haitians, many of who are still suffering. This is, apparently, to further the relationship between two of the characters. See link lower for context (the round up has a large number of commenters, as well as the link to the original.)

A lot of people, most more eloquent than I, have already gone through and processed this, torn it open and looked at the racism and the bad taste, and have offered their own commentary. I was going to sit on my hands and read, but then there was a sentence in her apology that really, really ticked me off.

' [I see how the] portrayals can be seen as unflattering,"

No. NO.

Unflattering connotes vanity, self-image, trivial, skin-deep. Unflattering is used to describe clothes: "Oh, that dress really doesn't flatter your figure, dear." 

People are not objecting to the fact that all your characters aren't saints. Excuse the capslock, but THEY ARE POINTING OUT THE RACISM THAT IS INHERENT IN THE INTERACTIONS THAT YOUR PROTAGONIST HAS WITH HAITIANS. These are people, they are living through an immense tragedy, and a decency to understand that their pain is not OK for you to exploit for your story--you're missing that.

Semantics? Maybe. But I think it shows what the author truly thinks, and that word--"unflattering portrayals"--is indicative of their attitude towards this. I don't think they get it.

[ profile] amazonziti has a beautiful round-up of links, but warning: if you value a rage-free day, avoid the direct quotes. It is bad. Very, very bad. Don't look.
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Love it. Quality is not a measure of validity, for those of you screeching that it's garbage.

And, well, here is a link to many of the amazing (most of them legitimate, in-print, highly acclaimed novels and works) pieces of fanfic that have been written by others, here.
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There is a certain violent beauty in smashed glass. I was on the bus the other day and saw that a couple glass shelters had been shattered.

They are, I think, made of 'shatterproof glass' (the irony is obvious, but I'll leave that aside) and the pile of glass shards was brilliant in the sun. The pieces lay in little hills of razor-sharp glass; to handle the glass carelessly was to cut oneself. It was glittery and -- I hesitate to say it -- just beautiful, in a destructive, venomous way.

...and now that I've gotten this far, I'm looking back at the beginning, and wondering what the point of this was. I think I was going to lead up to a "beauty isn't docile" morale.

-In other news, despite my lengthy rant (which could stand a few more additions, but I'll restrain myself) that I made here about Diana Gabaldon's remarks about fanfiction (original and snark [if you're strapped for time, don't click the fandom_wank link: I did warn you]) I've taken down my Dragonfly in Amber fanfic. I was originally going to leave it up for sheer spite (some of those arguments are so rotten I'm sure only maggots could survive on them) but you know, it's her novel. And while she doesn't have any control over what I write or think, I'll take it off the internet because she hates it. Whatever. I hope someday she'll wake up and realize and at least modify her opinion. *sigh*
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Dear Dr. Gabaldon:

In regards to this article** , I have a few things to say. I get that it's not fun to see your characters mangled, dragged through God-knows-what, and being generally transformed into things that they shouldn't be.


1-13, why fanfiction is not the eeeevil. And more! )


P.S. I think that the more I think about this, the more points I have, and so I'll just stop right here. But I just wanted to say--I really do love your books, Diana (may I call you that?) but that post you made was disillusioning.

*edited after realizing what a ginormous post this was; it's been cut
**edit number two: I think she's just removed both posts: the rant one and the follow-up one. If you really want, here's the cached link:   To all out there: the internet is forever.
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OK. To those whining about ficwriters not doing research, please take a breath.

Exhale, then inhale again.

Then consider this: if you think you know something (that is unfortunately wrong) you're not going to go research it. Truly. If you think that loam is a gritty sort of sand, you're not going to look it up! You are under the (mistaken) impression you're right, so you just add the word in where silt might be better.

Some of these facts are not well known. Would someone outside of Canada (heck, Saskatchewan) know that "bunny hug" is sometimes used for "hoodie" or "sweatshirt"? I doubt it; I didn't know until I met someone from Saskatchewan who told me. Who would bother to research things like "the tea that one drinks in X city" unless it was a plot point? There are some points that just are so insignificant, you'd never think to research them at all.

Also, the internet is not only North America. The writers do not come exclusively from Europe. They are not one and all from Eurasia, from Africa, from South America, from anywhere. The internet reaches just about everywhere, and writers are everywhere. Therefore, the words that you use are sometimes (often) used differently elsewhere.

And lastly: Mistakes Are Not Made On Purpose To Spite You. Just because you're frustrated at being thrown out of a fic (irritating, yes, and maybe rant-worthy) doesn't mean that the author did it on purpose.

Keep breathing.

Note: all fake examples. I've never heard anyone mention bunny hugs on the internet, come to think of it...
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In reply to this rant, since I think this is another rant that just happens to touch on the same subject.

To paraphrase what many have said already: No writer is obligated to write you your dream fanfic (although it would be lovely, they're not obligated.) Similarly, no reader is obligated to leave reviews. Writing a fic for someone is a Nice Thing to do. Most reviews (barring troll's flames) are also Nice Things to do.

And you know what? I don't mind the one word reviews. They're not "useless". Generally, they're more honest, anyway. I know that I often look over my own reviews and sometimes adjust wording to make sure it's not an abrasive litany of wrong things. A succint, short, one-word reviews generally consist of the feelings that the reader has upon finishing the fic; this is useful.

You just have to interpret it.

Even the reviews saying "update plz!" are saying something to you: "I like it, I want to see more of this, I think that this story works so well that I can't wait for the next installment," and so on.

Please look up "entitlement." And let me tell you, I was very strongly tempted to critique your rant. Still am.
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Sometimes I think we're too hard on the fanfic writers out there.

Cut for length )
tl;dr: Go easy on them, for once.
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I think it's the drama and the not infrequent cat-fights that erupt on [ profile] fanficrants that makes me follow it. That site requires extremely clipped thoughts, or else you'll provoke someone into throwing down the gauntlet and all but challenging you to a duel. Look for the entries that have at least 100 comments added; that's where you'll find the real controversial things. And it's not always blatant over-generalizations, or wrong thoughts; sometimes the fight erupts over a single sentence.

Then again, it might just be because I wrote (write?) fanfiction, a long time ago; I have the sinking feeling that someday my fic will end up being the source of one of those rants.
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Maybe this is YMMV.
I was reading a (really) good fic about GWTW and the first chapter was great. So I was all happy, wondering how the author would resolve the problem (it was a really good AU fic, too).

And then I hit the second chapter. And it's full of--not precisely misspellings, but they've inserted the wrong word. It sounds the same, but it means totally different meanings, and it's not just one mistake--almost every sentence has one. The characterization has gone all weird--it suddenly seems wooden. And while that isn't really a big, evil mistake, it sort of sends the message that you don't care too much about your work, and so on. And so, I'm sorry, dear author, but I will not be reading the rest of your fic and commenting. It just sounds like you wrote it all in a rush and didn't bother to polish it. Spell check will not get rid those mistakes!

Now, the irony would be if I misspelled something here.

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Hey, you! Yeah, you! I have a present for you.

Do you know what I've got in my hand? It's the one of the breakthroughs of modern science. It's a period. A full stop. And look at it! Isn't it cute?

Normally, I'd sell it to you for--oh, maybe a dollar. But you know what? The Punctuation and Inc. are running a promotion. That's right, a promotion, so you can get them for a quarter. That's right, folks, twenty-five cents. Almost free.

No, it's okay, they won't hurt you! Here, I'll put one in your hand--and no, they don't bite. Really.

You know where these little things like to be? In writing. I mean, they simply love being in a writing--especially if it's famous! Or e posted on the Internet, even. Doesn't even need to be a professional author.

Oh, and one more thing, 'cuz I think you deserve to know. Did you know that the period has a whole family? No? Really? Oh, let me introduce them to you. Here's the question mark--isn't he adorable? All squiggly and questioning. And here's the comma--he's like the family dog, keeping the sheep together--that is, if you had sheep. And look here; I've got a rare species. It's called an apostrophe. They used to be quite common, you know. There aren't very many left--they're a pretty limited edition. And here's a set of brackets--very useful, I must say. If you look, you can see one of the dashes trying to run away. Hey, get back here!

So, if you want a sample of a Limited Edition of the Punctuation Marks Kit (R), visit the site NOW for the special offer! All fanfic writers get a discount!

With great affection,
The Punctuation and Inc. Employees


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