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TODAY I intend to trek to the art store (through the apparent blizzard that March has decided to grace us with) and get...gouache! I'm super excited. I've wanted to get calligraphy ink for ages.

And then later today I will read a good book. For the first time in weeks I have no deadlines this week (HA! TAKE THAT!) and I fully intend to read like mad.

*mad cackle*
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So, guess who deleted her Lightroom catalogue because it looked like a random .lrcat file lying around and was just clutter? And then cleared out her recycling box before opening Lightroom to ascertain whether or not the file was important, as she meant to do?


*This being Lightroom, I did not lose any photos. They're still all there. Except the ones I deleted through Lightroom, but I meant them to be wiped off the disk and they were. No sweat.
*I found my old catalogue! At some point I must have made a new catalogue. I remember this actually (well, not the making-of-a-new-one, because if I had, I'd not have deleted this one) because I remember opening up Lightroom and discovering that all my pre-November 2011 photos were gone. "Weird," I said to myself, and didn't investigate further.

*Because I did not export many of the photos I developed, I still have the raw photos, but now all my work on the files is wiped. AGH, and I'd added not only cropping & other fixes, but also my tagging set! My metadata!
*I have to manually re-import a bunch of photos. I think all my photos are still there. Hrmph.

So now I'm mud-wrestling with Windows Backup (I've never had to restore a backup before, this is kind of exciting.) Since I don't have exactly emotional attachments to my developed pictures - more an annoyance that all my work's been wiped - it's kind fun! I didn't know that you could separately restore files; this is great! I was afraid you'd have to lump-restore the whole thing.

But...I last ran Windows Backup in August on to my behemoth external hard drive which lives under my table? Really? I'm pretty sure I did it before then...

I feel a right dolt.
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(article decrying Nanowrimo). The Quote That Made Me Stop and Gape: the selfless art of reading are being taken over by the narcissistic commerce of writing.


(also, that's a grammar mistake there: it should be "is", because "art" is singular, not plural). Perhaps you should write more?

The concept of having fun. Of taking up wild challenges. Of daring yourself to do something that's not dangerous but still exciting and all that. Do these concepts even register?

Edited to add: and I just got Mercedes Lackey's pep talk in my inbox, and I'm floored that she advised writing fanfiction. Floored. I think there are approximately two professional writers I know of who approve and encourage it. Wow.
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...instead I have been checking the news page on lj, hoping that they break the comments there. It's not so much drama as it is outrage: so far (though I haven't read them all), everyone seems to be screaming noooo at the top of their figurative lungs at the latest fiasco, and only a few trolls or people-in-complete-ignorance have been saying that the FB/Twitter connect is good (and they're getting dog-piled.)

If lj doesn't learn anything else, please let them learn what good customer service means--please talk to your userbase, so that the thousands of commenters don't get angrier and angrier as no one responds...

Other thought: anyone read Atlas Shrugged? Opinions?
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I've been reading this blog (made by the creator of xkcd: here is the link) and I have been laughing my head off at this particular post. It's about a survey the blogger did, to discover how people name colours (I think there were also investigations into how chromosome influence colour perception, and so on) and some of the comments by people are hilarious. It was an open response sort of thing--there isn't a set number of answers, and so some people spammed it with random comments--but the last part was just funny beyond belief. Here is the link.
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Actually, I change my mind. 300% of our personality. You can pick which one gets it.
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I searched up "mixed metaphors" today, and ran across this gem of a website--it's hilarious in a *facepalm* sort of way. Still excellent for giggles.

In other news: OK, Les Miserables is definitely an elongated, highly-populated tale of redemption. I can't even count how many characters fall and are redeemed, except apparently Justice is not quite as adept...
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Being pro-life is unpopular on livejournal. However, fortunately, livejournal is not an accurate representation of society as a whole.

No. It's not unpopular; the reason why you are getting (justifiable, may I add) flak is because of the way you're trying to project views onto other people. And putting blame on people. And being hypocritical. Oh, and for saying that one should/can disown his or her daughter for having an abortion.

And your illogic: Sometimes killing humans is good and sometimes it's MURDER that requires disowning! does not help your credibility. 
Good God, there is a point where you should just stop replying.

I was angry, then I got to your reply to this comment (which is beautifully logical), and I started laughing. *speechless*

I thought I was going to write a rant. Never mind. The commenter has such a twisted-into-a-seventeenth-dimension-tangle of beliefs and opinions that I'm not even going to try to rant about it.

Here's the link to the actual post  and comments. The thread is frozen, unfortunately.

(Edited to fix html. I forgot I was in Rich Text editor again...)
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Frankly, all of the hullabaloo in the States makes me want to laugh, because of how the new health-care reform is being portrayed: left wing, bleeding-heart liberal, and so on. I laugh because in Canada--well, universal health care is our status quo, and would even be considered conservative. Our left/right wing are apparently measured differently from the US; we use the meter stick, and they the yardstick. :)


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