Feb. 5th, 2014 09:31 pm
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AWww yeah snow! It snowed more than ten centimeters today, all light fluffy white snow and it was glorious. This is what winter's supposed to be! I miss new snow. There are lots of downsides of course, but when I poke my nose out the door in the morning and see the snow it always makes me happy. It's so pretty!

Think I'm going to use tomorrow morning to try to get some pictures, assuming it's not all dirty yet! That's the advantage of living on a very quiet side street--yeah, so the street is never ever plowed but the snow is gorgeous long after it's dirty on main arteries.
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Unverified account from two people sitting next to me, as I was taking off my skates at the arena (paraphrase): "I saw someone in cross country skis today...[he was going so fast]..." On one hand, I totally buy someone being tempted, because holy snow drifts, but on the other hand, I wonder how he navigated turns and city streets. Would definitely have been tempted if I owned a pair.

Snow day was not declared.

I am intensely envious of the woman I saw going down the street in snowshoes. They were bright green and she did not sink through every drift.

Other highlight of the day was the girl at the rink who was dressed in the most 90's tracksuit I've ever seen. Black stretchy pants with pink lines. Similar sort of top, which in itself isn't unusual; the better skaters dress in stretchy tight clothing anyway. What caught my attention was that she was wearing a headband. In fuchsia. I complimented her headband and she confirmed that it was a genuine article from the 90's. :D
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dear flist:

Anyone know of interesting journals/blogs that write in either French or Chinese? LJ, DW, off-site entirely: I am looking for reading material. Things I am interested in: (erm) books-reading-language-literature-words. Anyone who you think has really good writing. About themselves or the world or anything you find interesting, really; I can always pick and choose. I'd just rather not have image-heavy ones, if possible, since I'm after the words and reading comprehension :)

*puts plate of cookies out*

I saw a robin red-breast yesterday and I've heard the geese honking (and the seagulls crying, which always makes me think of the sea, poor landlocked-city!). Also today there was ten centimeters of snow and equal parts of slush. :P

I've also got a flamingo. From 750words, I mean; that's one of the badges you get when you write for ten days in a row. A flamingo! Sadly, the next one will take another twenty days (the amazing albatross) so there's time yet for me to accidentally miss a day. Or for OpenID authentication to go down, which amounts to the same thing.
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If I'd written this entry yesterday it would have gone something like: The world is melting, and spring is coming! I can see the grass and patches are green! Yay spring!

Today has been solid flurries. Visibility is awful and the buses are stuck everywhere. I think Old Man Winter decided that April Fools wasn't good enough, and decided on April the second. You cannot know winter until you've stayed outside so long that your toes are like little ice blocks and you think despairingly that they'll fall off...

It's wonderful packing snow. It's marvelous for snowfights.

But ack! I've forgotten to write my daily 750 words! My penguin!
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Currently quite frustrated with myself, because I have got ideas and ideas for stories (I feel like the quintessential kid in the candy store; also, the idea of having bilingual stories is really, really appealing) but I'm not writing. Which is no-one's fault but mine, but aggravating.

It's snowing gorgeously outside. I mean the lightest snow, that covers up everything and makes the world sparkle under the streetlamps. The kind of snow where you can see every individual snowflake.

(I always get poetic about weather. I do not know why.)

I've discovered, by accident and then by Google searching, about the wonderful, wonderful shortcuts for Microsoft 2007's equation editor. It's amazing how much faster I can input equations now that I don't have to hunt and click around for formatting options and operators and Greek letters; typing is so much quicker. Microsoft, your documentation for this is terrible. The help files were no use at all.

Lastly: I will do my utmost to avoid a job that requires customer service.
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It snowed this morning. D:
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Dear Mother Nature,

I'm awfully sorry about how we've been treating you. I know that I'd hate it if all my beloved creatures were going extinct, or the terrain and land was being torn up carelessly, or all the beautiful vistas destroyed by people who were much too busy to appreciate it. I'm terribly sorry that we've been littering and wasting and squandering what we have.

But, please, would you let off just a little on the weather? Ma'am, it's almost June, and it snowed all day today; I believe it's still snowing outside. There are tree branches being torn off, the flowers are not only rabbit-bitten but also frost-bitten, and the roads are slick with water--could we please get the same sort of nice weather that they get down south? We've been snowed on since October.

Thanks in advance for reading my request. In closing, I remain

Yr obt servant, &c, &c,
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I've been reading about European history (I read through the section about WWII, a bit beyond, then skipped around to the early fifteenth century) and I have two things to say.

1. What a huge mess. Peace is an elusive thing, I guess, and the constant reshifting of borders and alliances, new leaders and religions, conflicts exploding from all sorts of places makes everything incredibly complicated.

2. No wonder the EU is having so much trouble with being unified...some of the countries were so set against each other, I wouldn't have believed that sort of alliance would work. (Frankly, I'm still amazed France and Great Britain got over their historical differences and worked together in WWI. But that's me.)

It is also snowing. Today, *checks calendar again*, is May 27th. *facepalm* The heating is back on, and I guess the shorts and miniskirts that people have been sporting will disappear for awhile.
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*It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring...*

It is snowing (sleeting? At this point there's no need to classify this stuff anymore) like the dickens outside. And we have a lovely storm warning, with the prediction of something like twenty centimeters of it tomorrow. And I wish I didn't have to get up so early tomorrow..../whine.

I know, I know. We expect snow at this time of the year (yay springtime blizzards--NOT) but I enjoy complaining about them.

...and you may be sure that the dandelions will benefit from this. :( They're already starting to crowd into the grass, and onto the roadsides...and it's only just beginning.

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Because today, it snowed in huge clumps of snowflakes and covered the ground in two or three inches of cold, slushy snow. I know that we're going to have snow in May, but I thought--since March was so mild! so strange--that we'd have some real spring. Alas, spoken too soon! The windows are frosted, the gusting winds must've done something to the powerlines (there was some interesting flickering of lights going on earlier) and I do not relish going down that hill tomorrow morning. Ah, well.


Jan. 11th, 2010 05:55 pm
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I see the snow fall every year, crisp, white, and clean. On some days, it comes down lightly, sprinkling the lights from the streetlamps onto the ground, glittering when you turn your head. On others, the sky is grey and the snow falls heavily, obscuring your sight in a thick veil, and the landscape is suddenly a snow-desert complete with dunes and fantastic, heaping snowdrifts. The world is temporarily beautiful. And then, some car comes by, splashing black slush everywhere, and the smooth snow is marred. Soon enough, the snow will lose its magic, and the winter return to dreariness.

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I remember being very surprised to find out that 4 seasons, balanced out equally over the year, each with 3 months, actually existed. Not just a textbook idea. I didn't know that they were real.
Welcome to my world, where it is snowing and -10 C degrees and life is going on normally. Halloween will be done by kids swathed in layers of fabric again. It will snow like the dickens on Remembrance Day. And if we're lucky, we'll have a white Christmas. In January we will be plunged into The cold snap, the one that seems to be forever long and will have people waiting at the bus stops in -25 degree weather. I'm looking forward to that one.
In the meantime, I think I'll go put on another sweater.


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