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*Budgeting for federal government is announced. $5.2 billion slash, everyone runs around yelling. (Age of retirement has been raised, which is a big one, I think). I cannot vouch for its objectivity without having actually seen the budget in question, but it seems levelheaded enough.

*Mr Flaherty, finance minister, decides to get rid of the penny. Cue articles and editorial swimming in penny jokes. ("Well, Flaherty has done what no other finance minister has done - he has left Canada penniless" [groan] and more in that vein. Most of them make little cents).

*I found this. Worksafe, but you may want to read...gingerly...if you ignore the digs at swimming and run with him, it makes sense. A little.

*I feel rather dreadful about keeping up. Studying for final exams has ramped up (I feel like a hound that is indolent for approximately 8 months and then transforms at the smell of blood) and I'm applying for jobs and positions left and right. (APPLICATIONS). And I am forgetting things or putting them off and then forgetting them. Mostly just forgetting. If I owed you something, I'm sorry! :(

*I was careless while trying to do a choctaw (2 foot steps to change forward/backwards on ice) and fell. I ended up half-sitting and thumped onto my back, which makes me wonder where I acquired the bruises on my knees. ??

*Now that the unseasonal weather is gone, I miss it. I hope the flowers don't freeze.
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Random link dump, because I was browsing through a community :P

Frank in a whole bunch of incarnations. Also includes the one with SA's logo, but it looks more like he's been shot or something o.O

I had no idea this existed. :D :D

Other things that may or may not be of interest to you:
1. a water main burst on one of the main roads in the city the other day. It looked like the river burst its banks. I was impressed.

2. It's melting it's melting! Spring is coming! (When the sun comes out the world feels beautifully optimistic, it's golden and warm and oh glory! It's partly cloudy today. The clouds have this way of quashing that optimism.)

3. The ground is blushing green.

4. I would like to have a voice like this. (although they do have the choir back them up, which helps enormously with power and all).
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It never rains but it pours. Everything appears to be happening at once, right now, and also must be completed - now. I will type an entry tomorrow. Good grief.

But I am thankful for the general lack of drama in the most recent news post. Incredibly thankful.
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Week 1 progress on Nanowrimo: about 1000 words. D:
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I still can't write that story, a story, any story for that competition. I think I'm paralyzed because (though it's not entirely conscious) I think of the judges, and how they will see any of the stuff I write - what if it's not appealing? Do they want what's conventionally accepted as literature? I bet any weird stories are right out.

*dithering* My icon (dw) is sadly appropriate.

Also, I have yet to find a setting or plot for Nano, and I still am procrastinating on any number of writing assignments. Oh, oh oh....


Oct. 24th, 2010 08:53 pm
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I was editing for b_f last week when I accidentally tried to change tabs and clicked a bookmark. All my work was lost. That comment was almost long enough to be split, too. (This induced several seconds of staring blankly at the screen and backbuttoning, unable to believe that it was all gone).

In that fit of pique I deleted every single bookmark on the toolbar (I have not yet forgiven Firefox for this, D:) and have taken to pasting everything into a Notepad txt.

It's still weird; I keep wanting to click up there for the links, but ah well. I have learned the use of javascripts that autosave and the constant need to back-up. D:
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From [personal profile] yifu:
Look to your right. Whatever object you see there is your designated weapon in the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse! Comment on this post to tell me what it is, then repost to spread the zombie virus.

I have an unfilled application, a pen, a stuffed monkey (don't ask) and a very small notebook.

I am not sure how helpful this would be for a zombie apocalypse. Perhaps I could use the pen as a projectile - it's quite sturdy looking - and use the monkey as a decoy (it's really cute. It's wearing a lumberjack-like red shirt and all). Maybe I could papercut a zombie? Does that even work?

The tl;dr: definitely not prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse. Actually, for any apocalypse.
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My life consists of school and making applications right now (and wondering about writing competitions offline, too, which is why I'm not posting). Kind of stunned on the scholarship stuff, though; my school chose my application for one of the really big scholarships to nominate and I know for absolute certainty that others with vastly higher marks than I have applied. My friend has marks ranging between 96-100% (they all tend to be 100% or just below) so I'm still kind of wondering why they didn't pick her.

Kept trying to write a post about my hate for the word "chick lit" (let's denigrate a genre of women's fiction, again! For portraying...realistic people?) but can't. I'm watching [ profile] metafandom interestedly--it's obvious, the impact that community has: one topic spreads like wildfire and many posts go up about x topic.
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I'm suffering from an Attack of Guilt that comes of completing things late. :( Especially when nice people are concerned. (Fic only half-finished *cough* six days past deadline *hack**wheeze*) Also, completely and thoroughly sick of writing about myself. I hate it when the application questions ask "tell me about your greatest achievements!" *mutters* I don't like talking about myself. I always feel horribly arrogant and I don't know whether or not to inject humour (I mean, what if they take it the wrong way?! Then what will I do?! Eee?!) Anyway. That is my life at the moment.

On the 'uh oh' side of things: I have no idea what I'm going to do for Nano. Some people, I wager, have a plot synopsis written out. I'd like to get a cover, but I'm afraid I have neither the gumption nor the idea for my novel. (I am not an organized writer. Proof: see excessive use of parentheses).

Last note: I would like to humbly request from any deity that is listening or reading this for some kind of control valve for mucus production. The hacking cough my cold has gifted me with is not pleasant and I am depleting the building of Kleenex. Thank you very much.
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It snowed this morning. D:
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I wrote a long post with this title. It promptly disappeared when I switched from HTML reader to Rich Text. I haven't the heart to type it up again (it was very long, full of random side notes and strange things) so I'm just going to assume one of the fates has indicated that she does not like my post--more likely than not--and so ate my post. (Actually, I think maybe I put in the WRONG CODE FOR THE CUT *hits self on head* OH VERY SMART.) Except writing nothing would feel very strange. Hence this mutant paragraph. Heh.
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Have begun to put together portfolio. Drowning in paper. Had no idea so many things had been kept.

To-do list has magically lengthened. Wishes that the essay competition is not due next Sunday. Needs to sleep. Wonders what leaving off the subject will convey, if it's a necessary technique for this.
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Today, I went on an xkcd forum, looking through all the "public misconceptions of science" thread, and kind of smiled and went "Yep, that's annoying," (I agree with many of them, but really, wishing people who didn't understand evolution would die? Really?) The part where they discussed placebos was really, really funny, just because it involved playing mind games and everyone kept offering suggestions and then going "Oh no that's not gonna work, wait...."

The thing that gets me the most, though, is the misunderstanding of what science is: that you take facts, and you then twist your hypotheses to suit them and not the other way around. And that your hypothesis needs to be falsifiable.

My other point of Extreme Frustration is the inability of scientists to communicate scientific ideas to non-scientists, because the specialized vocabulary and different definitions and the purposely long-worded and jargon-laded writing. (This annoys me so much. Your point is to communicate. Do not use the most difficult, unnecessary words to sound right; use the simplest words and structures, and people will actually know what you're talking about.) Trying to read a paper, even the abstract, feels like the author tried to make themselves sound better. Use technical terms when you need to--and when accuracy is required--but for God's sake please don't throw them in to confuse others. Blrghl.
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I've been puttering around lj for the last, oh, maybe half-hour or so, thinking about what to talk about on my post--I did resolve to write everyday--and came up with nothing. Well, not precisely nothing: I did briefly debate dissecting GWTW (too much effort), writing a review (also far too much effort) and talking about abortion (way too ragey for me right now.) Also, I've still got jet lag, but I'm looking after three little boys right now and even though it's eleven something (and far too early in England, I think) I can't really go to sleep. Like I said, inanity.


Jul. 15th, 2010 06:58 pm
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I write like
Mario Puzo

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Which means that I've got to read his (I'm going to assume from the name) writing.
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To exit the door where I work, it's necessary to press a green button on the left wall of the door. There are signs posted at eye-height, messages saying "STOP! PRESS GREEN BUTTON ON LEFT!" on the actual bar of the door (top and side) as well as on the button itself. And for almost everyone except the frequenters, the first impulse is to push harder at the door--to try to force through it.
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I actually have time these days, and so in response I've started ripping through the books I've been meaning to read. I reread A Wizard Alone today, but I'm too lazy right now to post a review. Tomorrow, I hope.
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Invariably, the WWF Conservation emails advertise products (which is fine, I don't mind) and occasionally urge political activism. You know, by "writing your congressman." They are also invariably US-centric, never mind their name (World Wildlife Fund?) is supposed to be global. *grumble*

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We've been putting in new counter tops (or rather, the contractors did--I didn't really do much), so for awhile everything in the drawers was stacked in boxes and mostly in a mess. It's almost done now--some of the grout needs to be fixed and all that--but it's almost finished. And that smell, the smell of renovations (I still haven't figured out where it comes from), is slowly fading.


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