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I have found my favourite etsy store. It is this store, which sells giant plush vegetables.


And they are adorable! And actually it's more than just the jumbo vegetation--she has a six-foot long carrot--but the humour that shines through the photographs and the descriptions, like the fact the carrot's photo gallery opens with the carrot in question lounging nonchalantly on a sofa (and taking up far more space than it really ought to, considering its skinniness). At some point she made a six-foot carrot out of shimmery orange spandex cloth, and called it the disco carrot. And there are pictures of stuffed pickles lying in bed reading a book with a fine pair of glasses on. Go on, look! It's delightful. On her instagram there's stuff that used to be on there or new prototypes, like a big leafy kale or a stuffed olive or a persimmon.

My younger brother loathes eggplants--there are only few things he won't eat but eggplant is one of them--and I am ever so tempted to send him a giant stuffed eggplant for his birthday, which is in fact coming up soon. Sadly I can't afford to spend so much on a novelty eggplant, but the thought of him unwrapping a giant eggplant is just too funny to ignore :D
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I see this all the time in Support requests.

Please, if you have information that you think is sensitive, do not share it publicly on the internet. On LiveJournal and Dreamwidth, you have the option to flock or to make the entry private. Flock isn't perfect, but at least third-party search engines can't index it - they don't know it exists, period.

Do not put private, sensitive, or embarrassing information about yourself online, connected to your real name, unless you are fine with everyone around you knowing. There are people who, in high school, put all sorts of information out, and now are scrambling to delete it so that potential employers don't find it. Write it down offline. Privatize. Flock. Lock to custom friends groups.

Please do take precautions. In most cases as there are no TOS violations, LiveJournal support can't do a thing to delete your embarrassing entries if you forget your password/username. Most search engines won't delete the cache unless you delete it first from LiveJournal. There is nothing we can do.
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Have begun to put together portfolio. Drowning in paper. Had no idea so many things had been kept.

To-do list has magically lengthened. Wishes that the essay competition is not due next Sunday. Needs to sleep. Wonders what leaving off the subject will convey, if it's a necessary technique for this.


Jul. 20th, 2010 07:44 pm
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I'm off to England (OK, fine, it's actually Great Britain; I don't think we're going to Ireland/Northern Ireland) and France. And I shall go back to paper-and-pen journaling and not look at communities. I think.

I'll catch up on f-lists and things (avalanches of comments on long-ago posts may occur) when I get back in mid-August. If there's suddenly a big emergency (and why this would occur I have truly no idea) but if it does happen and you need to contact me, try PM-ing me. Have a lovely summer.


Sep. 15th, 2009 09:06 pm
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I sometimes wonder what on earth makes normal people suddenly explode on the Internet (figuratively, of course) and start attacking other peoples. Maybe I just don't see it in "Real Life", but usually strangers do not get into name-calling, ALL CAPS  shouting arguments. They especially do not get into heated arguments about abstract ideas like patriotism.

Around The Maple Leaf Forever, a song (I think you can guess) about Canada, there appears to be a spat (for the lack of a better term) about how brave/patriotic/ [insert like synonyms here] [insert country of 19th century here]. They argue about the 1812 invasion into Canada, then the subsequent burning of the White House, all over the comments section. Occasionally someone inserts: "I love this song!" or something like that, and the conversation, undeterred, keeps going, with frequent breaks for jeering, name-calling, and variations of : "You're a slug under my foot and and idiot and I'm not gonna talk to you and..."

I read fanfiction, too, and a lot of authors writers introduce their stories with a "No flame plz!!". And while I kinda wonder why they'd post it if they think their work would be blasted by others (is it that bad?), you have to wonder how the Internet changes people. In our world, we have  a specific word, for heaven's sake, about lying to be polite--a white lie. People (not frequently, true, but do nevertheless) say thank you to complete strangers who open a door for them. It seems, then, that the Internet has a magical property--maybe it could be termed the "Courtesy Vaporizer". Something like that.

Maybe 'cuz on the Internet, you're anonymous. But careful--The baby Internet is growing up. Maybe sometime those mud-slinging people won't be quite as protected as they thought they'd be....


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