Feb. 8th, 2016 04:01 pm
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So I have watched Sherlock, everything including The Abominable Bride. Saying "watched" seems a bit paltry, because I think fell face-first into fannish enthusiasm for it, especially the whole "consume everything about it" thing. I've been rewatching (as I watched it with other people and we commentated over it) and watching the commentaries and looking at gifs on tumblr and even starting to look for fic. Which, aghgh, it has been so long that I have felt motivated to look for fic - and even longer since there's been a whole bunch of fic there. Sure, I am late to the party, but on the plus side there is tons of fic and thousands of gifs.

There are always people who haven't watched - so, spoilers! I don't really talk about The Abominable Bride and very little of S3 either, though. )
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I'm back home! And before I start blabbering about my trip, I have to say something.

Lots of whining )

But anyway.

Paris was so nice (although it was too warm, in this Canadian's opinion); I'm still kind of disappointed that I didn't see the monument for the Bastille--apparently the place it used to stand is now a roundabout--ouch. As before, I marvelled at the trees--most of them carefully tended into spheres or squares--but the ground is dusty-white, blinding in the sun.

I thought the things people said about London traffic were just exaggerations. I think that just passing London from Manchester was awful; it took a few hours to travel what on an open highway takes less than an hour. London was exciting, though, even if it was just to see, for real, what these places are--all those famous sites and squares and roads that are mentioned in books but never expanded on. (Also, driving from Scotland to England and passing Gretna Green--I laughed so hard. xD) It also shocked me a little that King Henry VIII is buried with Jane Seymour--and he must have chosen it too, having died after her. Also, 221B Baker Street. (!) And the British Museum, an outstanding example of imperialism at its finest (collector's curios my hat! You've carted the Parthenon, not to mention thousands of priceless artifacts, to Britain without more than a by-your-leave!) 

Now I have a to-do list that I really don't think I want to even think about, the three birds are squabbling in the living room (although at least they're not having pitched battles anymore) and it's raining more at home than it did in England. I think I need a vacation from my vacation. 

Postcard and letter came from friends! And I think I may finally be able to find one of my friends (didn't know her phone number--she was moving then), so I am in a jubilant mood. :D

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I read about 12 Sherlock Holmes stories (ranging from the Scandal in Bohemia right through to the Copper Beeches one; I believe it's the first book) on the iPad, which really isn't that bad. I was afraid I'd get eyestrain, but I think my eyes are already accustomed to that thanks to staring at the computer screen.

Sherlock Holmes stories are...well, they're really quite intriguing, and fun to read because the prose flows nicely, but I find myself completely forgetting what each case is about. Only remarkable cases--like The Speckled Band, which scared me very much when I first read it, and The Red-Headed League and the like--stand out. The rest I can never remember, especially when they're referred to by name: invariably, I think, "Oh, I've read that one--now, which of the fifty-six was it?" 

That being said, if you know how the story ends, it is very cool to read through the story and pick out the tiny details that matter so much in the end. Lots of fun to read, but holy cow, I think it'll be another few months before I can read any more Sherlock Holmes again. It gets to be a bit much.

*Detailed reviews of the most notable stories following, hopefully soon.*


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