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I read Games Wizards Play and I was disappointed, to be honest.

Plotwise, it's quite interesting. There's nothing epic or earthshattering this time; instead the Wizards' Invitational is on, a competitive event where young wizards demonstrate their projects to a jury - a big international science fair. They are mentored by older wizards who the Powers think can pass on knowledge. It's meant to be a opportunity to help younger wizards experience without the life and death consequences that errantry usually brings.

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I also read Edge of Worlds, by Martha Wells, which I enjoyed a lot more. It's about the Raksura, a shape-shifters groundlings/skylings in a world full of different sapient species. It's been a few (peaceful) turns since the last book, but the whole court has had a strange, premonition dream linked again to the Fell, shape-shifters that prey on other species. Moon and Jade and some of the other Raksura sail away with a group of strange groundlings to investigate an sea-bound island that the groundlings think that the Fell-and-Raksuras' forerunners might have built.

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Progress mostly stalled on Sorrows of Young Werther and Here Be Dragons. I am reading a biography of John's rule during my breaks, and it's going well. It'd be going better if people in medieval England had more than like, five names in circulation. I cannot keep track of everyone! The big names, like William Marshal I can remember, but sometimes it's disputes of William vs William.
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(Young Wizards, Shopaholic, and Agent Carter! It's like I've forgotten how to write posts; I haven't done any journalling since at least December either.)

I have just re-read Wizard's Holiday, Wizards at War and The Book of Night with Moon and A Wizard of Mars in the past few days. OMG, side note. I downloaded the books from *mumble* and state of them! WaW had lost every second l in words had double-l's (finally = final y) and WH had like 25 different styles (style="calibre1", style="calibre2", and on and on) which indented like crazy, so every paragraph was differently styled with the margins inching further and further left, and every few paragraphs changing font size. TBONWM was obviously OCR'd and it was stellar compared to the other two, but all the "kitlings" were "killings" which has a rather different effect on the reader.

BUT! Not as important. I remember why I was so fannish about them.

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Shopaholic. I put off reading this for many months because I was afraid the new book might wreck my love (look, I care about these things) but it didn't. But you know what Kinsella did? She left it on a cliffhanger! ARGH!

I am the person on meme freaking out about the books, yeah.

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And finally, Agent Carter! [ profile] sherrilina I am watching a tv show now!

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But to wrap this up, I LIKED IT A LOT. I am so pleased and I love it so far.
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Possibly mild spoilers for Wizards at War, although I believe the back cover alludes to it. Can't remember though.

So I finally got my hands on A Wizard of Mars. I was--still am--terribly, terribly excited about getting it at last. I have been waiting for years and years (first it was the writing period, then the publisher pushing dates back, and then I had the most difficult time trying to obtain the book [going to two separate stores, then ordering it and finding the order cancelled one month later, and then waiting another full month for it to ship here...]) and zomg I'm almost done and while I think the peak of the series was probably Wizards at War (I mean, trying to save the universe is pretty hard to follow up on) I still love this book. Especially the more-and-more fleshed-out Carmela and (as always) Tom and Carl. And Ronan.

I am bad. I should be reading Crime and Punishment, but after rereading Kafka's The Metamorphosis, I can't take any more existential angst for awhile.
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Biggest spoilers blacked out; others (including link, and especially 3rd paragraph) are still spoilery. Crossposted from [ profile] bookish .

Nita and Kit are two wizards in Manhattan, but to become a wizard is difficult--every wizard undergoes his or her Ordeal to gain wizardry. One wizard, in particular, has been in his Ordeal for a very long time, causing the local Senior to become worried and send Kit in to investigate. Of course, when something untoward like this happens, it's always likely the Lone Power, the inventor of death, isn't far behind.
Usually, I really, really love these books.They're well-written fantasy, they have interesting and well-rounded characters (Carmela is really starting to grow on me) and I love the way Duane makes them fit into our real-live world--you can almost believe that maybe, just maybe, there are people who are wizards around you.

However. The wizard in question is also autistic, and I had some problems with the way Duane wrote this. She was pretty respectful, in my opinion, but (skip) in the end the wizard ditches his autism. First, this compares good (not autistic) and bad (autistic). [Also, I think she is conflating depression and autism.] I direct you to beccaelizabeth's dreamwidth entry here; this quote especially says what bothered me: I am autistic spectrum; you can't take the autism out and leave a me, so I'm not a me-with-autism, I'm an autistic me. It bothers me that A Wizard Alone is basically, as she paraphrases, (skip) a story about swapping autism with wizardry.   I suppose it's an identity thing--I am not on the autistic spectrum, and I hope no one takes this as me trying to speak for anyone on the spectrum--but I do see how removing parts of you aren't, you know, just casually and easily done.

Otherwise, though the story has definitely taken a darker turn after book 5, A Wizard's Dilemma (not like the first was terribly sunshine-and-daisies, anyway) I otherwise liked the book. 9/10
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A Wizard of Mars (Diane Duane) was out April 14th, and I am finally going to get a copy with my shiny giftcard. It's been a very, very long time coming--I remember that it was supposed to be published something like Spring of 2008, but there were some problems at the publisher (I think?) and it kept getting delayed...and delayed...and delayed...

Which is really a pity, because all of Duane's previous novels were excellent. Magic, astronomy, galaxy-travelling, and a pinch of normal life (I mean, you can't just run off to Pluto without consequences, can you?) kept me glued. Here's the website for the series. Don't be fooled by the YA shelving.


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