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I've had a few entries typed up in raw form for days now, and I've finally had time to clean them up a bit and post, that's why suddenly there are giant ones appearing.

I liked CA:TWS!

I particularly liked Natasha and Sam (also sorry Tony Stark, Falcon's wings/flying outfit is way cooler and I'm jumping ship).

For a movie called Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Bucky had about...what, fifteen words? He broods beautifully but I think it'd have been nice to hear something. Maybe they're saving all his dialogue for the next one.

Also I found this picture about Bucky's hair, which is hilarious every time I look at it: She did a good job matching the colours really.

Oh! Though he does say a few more words during the flashback. Who didn't look like Stan at all, I thought it was a bully or something, but given how bad I am with faces it's probably Sebastian Stan playing young Bucky and I just couldn't tell *facepalm*

Chris Evans felt very stone-like for some reason. Captain America's not a very good liar, which I think is deliberate so that excuses some of his static facial expressions when being accused. And Evans's cast into a role that is all about heroism and not only being good inside as outside, but...come on. I think once I noticed, I couldn't stop.

How does anyone have knees in these movies?! I know, I know, suspension of disbelief and superhero movies. At least Cap has a bit of an excuse. On the other hand, I'm glad that Natasha seems to be totally fine after losing a pint of blood and getting medical care (and Fury seems mobile enough later). I hate it when characters get taken out of commission.

Now: Natasha. I really liked how sarcastic she was, and the audience started laughing at quips later on; most quips fell a little flat at first. I enjoyed them though! It's a bit too bad that the (one token) woman on the governing council turned out to be Natasha in disguise, because it'd have been so cool if she'd been on both the visible side (powerful civil servant position) and simultaneously very powerful personally/physically. It'd take a lot of time to do both, though; having Natasha disguised is more believable. Incidentally, it also makes me wonder where that tech is from--from this movie it's apparent that Apple exists (do you think Stark is their competitor?)

Also really cool to see her use the widow bites (including on herself--or were those just taser-like weapons instead? Either way, I love that she comments upon waking that "they really do sting"). I like how she seems to be a step ahead of Steve, like when he's searching the vending machine in horror and she shows up in the reflection, popping the gum. I like how she got to participate in all the fighting, and how it looks like she goes down but she's fine. It's weird how impossible the situation seems for the characters, who are not exactly equipped very well (Steve's just got a shield...) but they end up holding up well.

I also liked that they brought Peggy back in, and also that she got to move on. I thought that the scene occurred a bit too early, though personally I loathe a) public displays of affection and b) raw emotion in film. It always feels so intensely private, but that's just me.

I still think the greatest weakness of the Marvel movies are the antagonists. I thought Loki was so much more interesting when he occupied a possibly-neutral or secondary-antagonist role instead of primary antagonist. I am about 0% interested in WWI-WWII stories (this is truly my least favourite period in history, and I would far rather read about literally anywhere else, anytime else) and so the latest twist on the Nazi-connected Hydra is just...blehh. Plus the whole "hail Hydra" and head-cut-off, second-head-sprouts phrase fit uncomfortably into the movie, in terms of tone. CA:TWS talked a lot about the nuances of freedom and what it means in a society where terrorism is feared, where paranoia seems to be paramount; Hydra seems so cheesy and out of place in comparison. But antagonists are not what I come to watch Marvel movies for :P

Also, called it re: the access devices being weapons. They're just opaque enough in usage and individuality that they could easily be used for other nefarious purposes.


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