Mar. 5th, 2016

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I was thinking about these books the other day - they are the "prequel" books to Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books, about her maternal grandmother. I remember going to the library - I spent a great deal of time kneeling in the W section and accidentally getting sucked into reading books there, and managed inadvertently to read far more Jacqueline Wilson than I really wanted to, incidentally - being unable to find any other books past Beyond the Heather Hills, and asking the librarian, who also couldn't find anything. Later I found out the author decided to stop writing them - I can't seem to load the original post about it, though I have found Wiley's followup post on her blog about it. She stopped writing them because HarpersCollins started publishing them in miniaturized, abridged versions.

It looks like they are not available in electronic form anywhere. I guess I shouldn't be surprised; they came out in the early 2000's and that was well before public libraries started buying e-copies and that ebooks started selling. Maybe one day they'll be digitized, but it won't be legitimately; HarpersCollins didn't back down when their author said they would stop writing them, and I doubt they would sink more money into the venture. Sigh. I'd really like to own them, but physical copies aren't really doable now, given living space and moving rapidity. This is making me feel rather melancholy. As soon as I can get a library card I'll go check them out, I suppose.


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