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I have found my favourite etsy store. It is this store, which sells giant plush vegetables.


And they are adorable! And actually it's more than just the jumbo vegetation--she has a six-foot long carrot--but the humour that shines through the photographs and the descriptions, like the fact the carrot's photo gallery opens with the carrot in question lounging nonchalantly on a sofa (and taking up far more space than it really ought to, considering its skinniness). At some point she made a six-foot carrot out of shimmery orange spandex cloth, and called it the disco carrot. And there are pictures of stuffed pickles lying in bed reading a book with a fine pair of glasses on. Go on, look! It's delightful. On her instagram there's stuff that used to be on there or new prototypes, like a big leafy kale or a stuffed olive or a persimmon.

My younger brother loathes eggplants--there are only few things he won't eat but eggplant is one of them--and I am ever so tempted to send him a giant stuffed eggplant for his birthday, which is in fact coming up soon. Sadly I can't afford to spend so much on a novelty eggplant, but the thought of him unwrapping a giant eggplant is just too funny to ignore :D

Date: Mar. 8th, 2016 12:09 pm (UTC)
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the thought of him unwrapping a giant eggplant is just too funny

You're a mean sister!
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